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Latest Articles About Age of Conan (EU)

Can You Earn Age of Conan Gold from the New Crafting System?

We explore the money-making potential of the upcoming crafting system for Age of Conan. Based on recent previews, there are signs that it could either be a profitable venture for dedicated crafters or do the opposite, which is drive prices down as crafting becomes democratized.

New crafting system
Age of Conan fans were first promised a new crafting system late last year, which basically hopes to expand crafting to more players (starting as early as level 20 from level 40) and make more crafted items powerful comparable to raid-obtained equipment.

This two-fold approach is meant to empower crafting and thrust it forward as a more essential part of the game, instead of its current status as an optional and often weak gearing path.
Another big breakthrough with the new crafting system is that players will now be able to craft PvP gear. This should ease the rough experience new players have when first entering the PvP scene as they can now deck themselves in appropriate weapons and armor, and at least put some resistance to more established veterans.

The question of whether these changes will lead to potentially lucrative or loss-making possibilities for crafters will all depend on the limits and restrictions developers will impose.

Potentially lucrative?
Should developers roll out tons of limits and restrictions on crafting the best items, then this could open up crafting as a very rewarding Gold-making activity. The most dedicated crafters will be able to crank out powerful, in-demand PvE and PvP gear that will be bought at the market. Competitors will be few and far in between because of the prohibitive clauses, possibly through a very tedious crafting skill leveling progression, and will force most casuals to simply purchase crafted gear rather than waste time and effort creating a few pieces they need.

Or loss-making?
On the other end of the chance spectrum, the new crafting system could end up with minimal limits and restrictions, and allow everyone even the most casual of players to craft the power items.

"In The Secret World for example everyone can craft everything too, and there really is no crafting economy. You mostly lose money if you sell crafted items instead of components," said official forums user paulson.

paulson was referring to The Secret World, another Funcom MMORPG, whose crafting system is so permissive and pervasive that there is no longer a reason for any player to sell finished crafted items; they can just sell the ingredient components, which sell much higher due to the huge demand.

With delays hounding the new crafting system - such as the recent move of the Funcom Headquarters and leadership changes - fans will have to wait and see which of the two possibilities becomes reality.