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Latest Articles About Age of Wushu

A Primer on Age of Wushu's Three Currencies

The martial arts online game Age of Wushu is releasing on April 10. To help players prepare for its impending launch, we have made a round-up of the three currencies that will be used to purchase in-game items, gear and boosts.

Silver Coins
Silver Coins are the primary currency for NPC vendor shop transactions like purchasing weapons, armor, groceries, and life skill-related goods. Silver Coins are character bound, meaning they cannot be transferred or traded to another player.

Vendor shops that accept Silver Coins for payment also allow you pay partially with Tael. This applies when your Silver Coins are not enough to purchase the item. Checking off the "Joint Deletion Option" approves the spending of Tael to settle the Silver Coin difference.

Silver is also the main currency used for paying the right to set up a market stall. A market stall is needed before a player can sell his items to other players. Having successfully won the bidding for a market stall, a player can then proceed to post items. Buying items at market stalls deducts Silver and this is paid to the stall seller, with a 1% processing fee deduction by the system.

Tael is an alternative reserve currency to Silver Coins. The difference is that Tael is not character bound, meaning they can transferred or traded to another player but with a 5% tax based on the transaction value. All Age of Wushu shops that accept Silver Coins will also accept Tael for payment. But the same does not apply. Some transactions such as bidding for a market stall cannot be paid with Tael.

Gold Coins
Gold Coins are the cash shop currency in Age of Wushu. Gold Coins can be spent to upgrade your membership from free to play to Jianghu VIP. Gold Coins can also be spent on special items and services that cannot otherwise be bought with Silver Coins or Tael.

Currency max carry limits
Silver Coins and Tael have max carry limits, as follows:

Non Jianghu VIP--8 ingots of Silver Coins, 30 Tael.
Jianghu VIP--10 ingots of Silver Coins, 1000 Tael.

Gold Coins though do not have a max carry limit.

Jianghu VIP status
To gain Jianghu VIP status, a player must pay a certain number of Gold coins as a sort of membership fee. This Gold can be bought from the Age of Wushu store directly in-game by clicking the "Refill" button. Players also have a second option of making a direct online payment to activate the Jianghu VIP access.

The VIP membership can be paid for multiple months to avoid the hassle of monthly renewal.

Buying the Age of Wushu Deluxe Edition ($20) or Age of Wushu Special Retail Edition will unlock 60 days of Jianghu VIP access. After that, players will need to sign up for the membership.

On top of expanded max curry limits for currencies, the Jianghu VIP access offers 16 additional perks, including more warehouse and booth space, access to exclusive equipment, and enhanced gathering and cultivation bonuses. Read this full list of Jianghu VIP benefits.