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Latest Articles About All Points Bulletin

Schemes to Score Stacks of APB Cash

All Points Bulletin (APB) is a frenetic urban free-for-all shooter, but in all the crime and chaos, there are systematic ways to score quick APB cash - whether you're a righteous Enforcer or a devious Criminal.

Armored Car-Assisted Robberies
In APB, there are roving armored cars that spawn randomly on the map. These sturdy and spacious vehicles can be your perfect accomplice to robberies. Holding up to 25 boxes, crates and other robbery goods, a fully loaded armored car can net you a lot of cash in one go. Then after carrying off the heist, you can make even bigger bucks by taking the armored car to the shop. The value of the armored car will depend on its condition, so do try to keep it in tip-top shape when you are using it for your thieving escapades.

Mapped-Out Robberies
Some APB Criminals go about their robberies in a haphazard, devil-may-care way. This might be more spontaneous, but it is also less efficient and riskier. True masterminds know that in order to rake in APB Cash with minimal detection and conflict, the robberies must often take place on the smaller alleyways and streets where Enforcers are less likely to be patrolling. Teaming up with another Criminal also potentially yields faster Cash per minute. For example, one Criminal can drive the runaway vehicle while the other loads it up with stolen goods that will be later sold off for sweet Cash.

Becoming a Serial Witness
For Enforcers who may not be in the shady business of robbery, witnessing is a more viable cash cow. Enforcers can witness a crime, perform a set of actions that triggers a bounty mission, and then engage in pursuit of the single criminal or gang. You increase your chances of taking on the bounty mission if you are not currently engaged in a mission, so plan ahead. Witnessing might not have a big instant payoff, but it can definitely add up with the amount of ram-raiding crimes being committed in the APB world (and the bonus organizational standing per witnessing is a sweet bonus to boot.)

Arresting and Completing Missions
While Criminals get the fun task of skirting their way around the law, Enforcers have the noble and very profitable duty of arresting the bad guys. Arresting provides a huge bonus of cash, often at a higher rate than simply killing the perps off. Of course it is trickier to do, but once you get a hang of it, expect a nice stream of Cash and feel-good vibes.

Mailing in Funds
There is, for now, little reason to keep your Criminal and Enforcer funds separate. If you find that you are making more Cash from your Criminal, then by all means play the character more and simply send your Enforcer a stipend through the Mail system.