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Latest Articles About Dragon Nest

2 Tips to Quickly Earn Dragon Nest Gold

Ever wondered how other players can rake in an astounding 1,000 Gold in Dragon Nest in one session? Before you go accusing them of cheating the system, here are three tips that will reveal just exactly how they can earn that much Gold in such a short span of time. Keep in mind though these tips are not shady shortcuts but instead are pointers to show you the quicker path to hard-earned wealth.

Race to the level cap
If you have not reached the level cap yet, then do so pronto. There is no reason to ever grind in the lower levels when you can be hauling incredible amounts of Gold in the endgame. Reaching the maximum level in Dragon Nest is more than just an achievement; it is also your entry into the big earner's club. The jump in Gold income is tremendous, so speed through those levels with little dilly-dallying.

Dungeon party runs are generally the most efficient for leveling because of the lowered cost on dungeon fatigue (FTG) points, and the faster clearing times.

Another bonus tip from the pros: While lower level gear sets might be tempting to purchase, save that Gold instead, since when you hit the cap you will quickly transition into the vastly more powerful endgame gear, rendering virtually all old gear useless. If you are worried about becoming shunned for carrying weaker gear, strive to find a grinding party with the same mindset as yours.

Foster an apprentice
So you have reached the level cap, now what? Find an apprentice ASAP. Apprentices are your ticket to running dungeons almost as much as possible in one day because of the waived FTG fee. With an apprentice, you can farm dungeons for lucrative items till you drop instead of being limited to a handful of runs a day. Calderock dungeons are some of the most popular dungeons for apprentice runs right now, because of the skill plates that drop in them, as well as plenty of other expensive Gold wares like stamps, keys, and diamond codes.

But before you go on milking your Dungeon Nest apprentice, remember that he or she is a vital catalyst of your Gold farming strategy. Treat him or her accordingly. Shower your apprentice with free gifts you earn for clearing the dungeons, and talk to them as if they are a buddy instead of a tool you are just using for the moment. Doing this almost guarantees that they will stick with you for the duration of your play session, and also gives you a trusty companion for nest runs when they eventually hit the max level. Plus the dungeon grind becomes all the more bearable with an apprentice who has already become your friend.

Bonus pro tip: Resist the urge to spend all your FTG on daily quests when you can exhaust them on virtually free Apprentice dungeon runs and, if no Apprentice is available, on party dungeon runs. These latter options are a far better use of FTG in terms of earning Gold per hour.