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Latest Articles About Eden Eternal

5 Top Tips for Farming Eden Eternal Gold

Earning gold in Eden Eternal can be quite a struggle. Even veterans will admit that there are virtually no shortcuts; you will really need to put a lot of elbow grease into your farming efforts. And while these 5 tips will not fill your pockets with endless gold, they have been proven to make the gold grind less taxing and time-consuming.

Tip 1: Don't Snub Those Quests. At the beginning, quests might seem to give paltry amounts of gold. But remember that more than gold, quests also give out better experience per hour than random grinding. This means you will level up faster and will be able to take on higher quests with higher gold rewards. Think of quest running as a means to an end, with the end being the lucrative endgame levels where gold comes by much faster than the lower levels. Also, remember to learn the art of quest stacking - completing quests with the same requirements to basically finish two or even more quests in one go.

Tip 2: If You're Gonna Grind, Grind Dungeons. For those who can spend the whole day just doing one thing, arguably the best grinding option is to run dungeons again and again. Starting at level 25, for example, you can start a marathon party run on Vileshark HQ or more commonly known as "Shark HQ" located on the Northwestern corner of Beluga Bay. Expect generous gold coin drops and a good class experience rate. Pros recommend collecting the rare orange equipment sets that will make each dungeon run easier and quicker, further bumping up your gold earned per hour.

Tip 3: Get Social to Access Guild Quests. Yes, you can still do guild quests even if you are not part of a guild. But it does not mean that is ideal. Joining a guild will allow you to learn tips from more experienced players, tips that will help you complete guild quests quicker. They will also be ready companions should you need help in actual combat. Guild quests promise dozens of gold for each run depending on the drops you get. Valley of Kings is a particularly popular guild quest that players grind on end because of its high-selling vendor trash. Remember though that guild quests cost some gold, but they are more than worth it and roughly reward double or more of what you initially spend.

Tip 4: Always Check the Auction House for Better Sales. All your hard work grinding dungeons can pay off more handsomely if you learn how to work the auction house. Sure, you can automate the whole thing by dumping all loot to the vendors, but you are missing out on potentially dozens or even hundreds of gold. Even with the tax rates, you will make a sweet profit selling special drops. There is a horde of willing buyers who will part with their gold, especially for items that are rare or can only be bought alternatively at the dollar cash shop.

Tip 5: Focus on One Class for Now. Many players tend to get excited at the prospect of obtaining tier 2 classes, and make the mistake of spreading their small gold resources too thin. Focusing on one class especially for new players is the best approach - you save on skills on other classes and frees up gold for the best grinding gear, guild quest entrance costs and other things you might need to invest on. Eventually, when you are already swimming in gold, then you can expand to the other classes without crimping your gold-making operations.