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Latest Articles About Echo of Soul

PvP and Dungeon Tips That Earn Gold in Echo of Soul

Access the dungeon and PvP queue system by pressing the H key. Queuing for both dungeon and PvP can be done from almost anywhere.

As long as nobody is in the dungeon, you can reset an unbound dungeon. Resetting and running an unbound dungeon can be done as many times as you want. By the use of a dungeon ticket, you may be able to have more runs in a bound dungeon, although you cannot reset one. When its lockout timer runs out, or once a week, a bound dungeon will usually reset itself.

As early as level 10, you can start participating in PvP battlegrounds. All you have to do is queue up in Battlefields, or PvP battlegrounds. Since everyone's HP/DMG/STATS are scaled up to the max level, every one can join in the fun no matter what level. However, really high level players might still have an advantage over lower leveled or newly created players as character skills are not scaled up. Nevertheless, regardless if your team wins or lose, you still gain EXP, so don't let that discourage you. The fastest way to level up is still PvP.

Not only does PvP reward some money thru the daily PvP quests, but also a lot of EXP points. PvP tokens can also be earned and they can be redeemed for armor and weapons. Exclusively in the PvP arenas, players can level up to the max level. Although most content of the game can be missed out this way. Win or lose, you can still earn rewards, just by participating.

Guilds can duke it out with each other in a guild war-type of combat in a grand arena such as the Valhalla. However, this arena is only available at specific time.

1,000 gold and 300 chaos souls are rewarded to the last person who hits the Valhalla guardian before it dies. Therefore, it is sure to be a fierce competition. Only if Valhalla is in hostile mode can your guild participate in it. It is available only twice per day on 12:00 midnight - 1:00 am and 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm server time.

Remember to pick up your daily PvP or Battlefield quest always. By participating in just 2 battles, they can reward some money and a lot of EXP.

Using 3 copies of the same piece of gear, they can be traded to an NPC for a better version so don't throw away duplicate copies of your level 60 epic gear.

Your guild can announce itself to be either hostile or friendly. Your entire guild can be subject to attack and can attack other "hostile" guilds when in hostile mode. Points can be earned by your guild in the PvP guild ranking. However, any town or outpost that has the Soul Sanctuary (similar to pillars of light) inside cannot have PvP engaged in it. Also, your guild can also declare alliance (or amity) with other guilds. The name of members in your allied guild will be indicated in green and you will be unable to attack them.

PvP all you want, if that is your gameplay, since there is no real penalty for being killed in PvP combat.

In open world PvPs, regular potions, buffs, and healing scrolls can also be used.