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Latest Articles About Final Fantasy XI

FFXI Mog Bonanza 2012 Awards 5 Billion Gil

Final Fantasy XI's annual number-guessing lottery game is one of the easiest ways to become ultra rich in the mmorpg. And for its fifth year running, the FFXI Mog Bonanza 2012 distributed an eye-popping prize pot of 5,337,720,000 Gil, creating hundreds of Gil multi-millionaires.

Mechanics summary
For two whole months starting February, players were able to purchase marbles and participate in the lottery. Each marble allows am FFXI player to join one of six Rank prizes.

The highest Rank 1 offers the largest Gil prize but is also the hardest to win because a player needs to guess all the five digits that will be drawn at random. Lower ranks become progressively easier to guess, with Rank 2 requiring only four digits matching, Rank 3 requiring only three digits matching, all the way down to Rank 5 which requires only the last digit matching (effectively a 1 in 10 shot of winning). The final Rank 6 does not require any digit matching, making it effectively a guaranteed win.

Only Ranks 1, 2 and 3 award Gil prizes though. Ranks 4, 5, and 6 give out a variety of kupons and items.

Winners announced
This more than 5 billion Gil was handed out as follows:

- 23 Rank 1 Prize winners - 116,037,392 Gil each
- 293 Rank 2 Prize winners - 4,190,000 Gil each
- 2,739 Rank 3 Prize winners - 526,172 Gil each

FFXI Gil prizes for each rank were determined through a percentage system: 50% of all the marble proceeds will be distributed as cash prize for Rank 1, 23% for Rank 2, and 27% for Rank 3. Winners are notified through a system message, or by speaking with a Bonanza moogle stationed in Port San d'Oria, Port Bastok, Port Windurst or Chocobo Circuit.

Forgoing Gil for Mythics
Most higher rank winners though may have chosen to redeem one of the Mythic item prizes instead of taking the equivalent Gil prize. This is because of the rarity and extremely difficult method for earning the Mythic items, which can go for multiple times the amount of the Gil prize a player would have taken, some even possibly reach half a billion Gil.

But some beginners have expressed that the Gil is a more attractive prize option, and can be spent on power leveling crafts such as cooking and woodworking.

Losers weep
Because of its spectacular rate of returns - imagine only investing 2,000 Gil on a single marble and scoring a lucky Rank 1 win of 100 million Gil - the Mog Bonanza event has become a popular money sink. But not everyone comes away a happy camper. Some have lost thousands of Gil without even winning back some of their currency, with only measly Mog Missiles to show for their investment.