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Latest Articles About Lord of the Rings Online

LOTRO Currency Conversion Coming in Update 10

Each LOTRO player's hard-earned Seals will be converted into lower-tier Medallions once Update 10 hits the live servers. While this may come as a travesty for fans, the LOTRO developer team assured that this decision was made to make the game's unified currency system work.

Why the need for currency conversion
Jonathan "Rock X" Steady explained in a new developer diary that the team faced three options. They could have put a cap on the top-tier currency, allow enormous inflation on costs, or convert the top-tier currency into the next step down.

The third and last option proved to be the most appealing to the team because it will keep prices of items manageable, and allow players to accumulate more Seals without hitting a certain cap. The conversion strategy also prevents players from acquiring the best gear just because they grinded the previous content.

Seals to Medallion conversion rates
RockX also revealed the seals to medallion conversion rates. He said that when Update 10 arrives, each Seal in a character's possession will be converted into 20 Medallions, which is ten times better than the 2 Medallions per Seal manual conversion rate offered at a Skirmish Camp.

Initial reactions from fans is that this conversion rate is "absurdly generous", with some standing to gain tens of thousands of Medallions. Of course, the question now on everyone's mind is: What do I do with all these Medallions? The LOTRO team assured that the fresh flood of Medallions will still be very useful for players due to a system change that will expand the kinds of items you can redeem with Medallions.

"Any items which were barter-able for Seals pre-Update 10 will either be converted to Medallion costs or have a Medallion-only barter option added," explained RockX. "By doing this, we not only protect and require investment to acquire the new raid sets, but we still give you the ability to get the equipment and items you could have previously purchased."

Run new dungeons to re-earn Seals
Basically, the LOTRO team is wiping away all Seals once Update 10 hits so that everyone is on equal footing when it comes to purchasing the new raid sets. Players will have no choice but to run the new level 85 content because this is the only way they will be able to re-earn Seals and own the newly added Update 10 items, including some of the powerful raid sets yet.

There are three new 12-man raids in which players can try to accumulate Seals. There is the Flight to the Lonely Mountain, the Fires of Smaug and Battle for Erebor. Players can also tackle the less taxing new 6-man instance called The Bells of Dale.