News Report: WoW ban hits farmers hard, Turbine declines Exchange Server rumors

By carebear,
This week, Blizzard has been busy banning gold farmer accounts as usual. An anonymous gold farmer from Colorado reportedly lost over US$50,000 worth of gold in just one day. Having lost 100 accounts in a day, he estimated he would be back on track again within few weeks. It's an endless cat and mouse chase.

Another publisher, Turbine Inc. confirmed during the interview with the sanction of secondary market is not happening in The Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar after people were speculating from Jeff Steefel`s Eurogamer interview. In fact, he was just saying he acknowledged that a large secondary market exists and he has to look at the trend the industry is going especially when EQII players can trade legally through the Station Exchange.

[Edited on 6/13/2007 by carebear]

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