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NBA 2K17 MT Price History

Last Update: July 15, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy nba2k17 MT. This overview not only includes the NBA 2K17 MT prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our nba2k17 MT list has been last updated on July 15, 2024. The next update is scheduled for July 17, 2024. As of July 16, 2024 the median price for 300,000 is $107.88. Currently there are 9 NBA 2K17 MT prices in our database.

About NBA 2K17 MT

NBA 2K17 is the latest installment of the premier basketball video game series, NBA 2K. Developed by Visual Concepts since 1999, and published by 2K Sports since 2006, the game-series provides the most authentic NBA experience in the business. The game's recent editions have allowed players to simulate National Basketball Association games with real or created players, in varying game modes, including MyTeam, following the season of an NBA Franchise, MyPlayer, following the career of a real or created player, and standard single games. The game allows for single-player gameplay as well as multi-player. The covers have traditionally featured the NBA's best players, and NBA 2K17 is no different: superstars Paul George and Kobe Bryant are featured in different editions. The most recent editions of the series are highly critically-acclaimed, and are regarded as some of the greatest sports games ever made.

Gameplay in both MyTeam and MyPlayer game modes features currency known as MT Points, or MT Coins. MT Points allow the player to buy certain abilities and unlock certain features, such as unlocking elite and legendary players that can be used, as well abilities that can be added to your created player. MT Points can be earned through reaching in-game milestones and completing accepted challenges during games, as well as mini-games. You can also use your MT to buy "Card Packs," which unlock players, abilities, and even more opportunities for MT growth. MT points can also be bought with your own hard-earned cash. The system in recent editions has proved to be rather glitchy, and many players have found ways to earn tons of MT Points by taking advantages of these glitches. One of the easiest of these "glitches" is to hike up the ability levels of players to allow for easier completion of the challenges and milestones.

Latest Articles About NBA 2K17

How to Purchase NBA2k17 MT from RMT Suppliers in 7 Easy Steps

NBA2k17, which comes out September 20, returns as a new and improved version with an even deeper My Team (MT) mode. No doubt you're ready to spend hundreds of hours completing challenges so you can line your pockets with enough NBA2k17 MT currency, which you need to build the best basketball team in the league. But before you grind for weeks or even months, you might want to consider buying currency instead.

Here’s a 7-step guide to help you purchase from RMT suppliers.

Step 1: Find the Cheapest NBA2K17 MT prices

You don’t have to look far to find the cheapest sellers of NBA2K17 MT currency. The price comparison finder on the site lets you pinpoint the best bargains across more than 300 sellers. Prices fluctuate a lot in a week, even during a day, so checking before you hit that buy button can save you quite a lot of dollars.

Many sellers also offer quick transactions and deliver within 15 minutes of your payment, which means you can easily get back to playing NBA2K17 while waiting for your currency to come in, sometimes even within the same gaming session.

Step 2: See If It Is a Trusted Supplier

Basketball is all about trust, and the same can be said with finding the right NB2K17 MT supplier for you. Just like a pro will not sign with a team that does not fit their needs, you should look for a seller that will give you the best prices and excellent service.

How can you find a trusted seller? You can check out ratings and reviews on this site. Each of the listed seller is not only evaluated by the staff but real customers also provide ratings and feedback on the quality of service.
nba2k17 cover picture

Step 3: Visit the Supplier’s Website and Place An Auction Order

After you’ve chosen a cheap and trustworthy supplier, you can visit the website and place an order. Indicate on which gaming platform you want your currency to be delivered, how much you want to buy, how you plan to pay for your order.

Then you will need to provide a few more specific details so that the seller can deliver the currency to you through Auction House trading.

1. Player Name. Your name in the game.
2. Auction time. Some sellers suggest setting the time at greater than 23 hours, but this can vary per seller.
3. Starting bid. Choose a starting bid that is more peculiar, like 32950, for example, instead of the 32000 flat.
4. Buy it now price. This is the amount of currency you are planning to buy.

Step 4: Pay for Your Order

Once those details are filled out, you can choose a payment option and finish the order by authorizing payment. There might be a verification process, but these do not usually take long.

Step 5: Set Up Your Auction and Wait For Delivery

After paying for your order, you need to set up a card auction with the details you provided above. It is very important to place the correct details you sent to the seller so they can find your auction post and deliver the currency to you through the buy it now option.

Step 6: Be Loyal to Get Seller Perks

When you’ve found a cheap and reliable seller of NBA2k17 MT currency, don’t let go. Many sellers offer a loyalty discount or bonus the more currency you purchase from the site so stick to your favorite one, if you can.

Some reputable shop like might not provide a loyalty program, it is still a great choice considering from their always competitive price.

On top of the loyalty discount or bonus that you are bound to get, you will also be able to receive your currency faster. Loyal customers don’t have to go through the long verification process for credit cards, and many sellers also prioritize VIP customers if the stock is low.

Staying loyal with a seller gives you more NBA2k17 MT currency, enables faster and smoother transactions, and grants you priorities in times of low supply.

nba2k17 myteam

Step 7: Spend Your Currency Wisely

Once you buy NBA2k17 MT currency, you must spend it wisely to get your money’s worth. Follow these tips and you can build your dream team on a budget.


Do check current prices. Make sure to always check the buy now prices to get a feel of the most reasonable prices, especially for a high-priced player or item. You can save a lot of currency this way. This also lets you receive more currency when selling the duplicate stuff from packs.

Do make a shopping list. This might seem like an unnecessary thing, but if you write down a shopping list, then you can focus on the most important cards you need to have. It also helps to see everything that you want in the Auction House so you can estimate how much MT currency you have to buy from the seller, preferably when there is a discount or promo.


Don’t buy on impulse. Do you really need to buy that card now? Can you wait another day or two to see if the prices drop the next day? A little patience goes a long way, and can be the difference between getting ripped off or getting a good deal. If you must buy it during your play session, even waiting for a few hours can drastically lower the buying price.

Don’t wait too long. There’s being patient, and then there’s wasting a golden opportunity. While you must be careful in buying overpriced cards, you must also be on the lookout for great steals that pop up in the Auction House. How can you spot these? Well, some of it will come with experience after you have spent time getting familiar with the prices of each item on auction. But you should also consider the rarity of the card – if it is something that only appears once in a blue moon and is at a price that is only a bit higher than what you would want to pay for, then go ahead and grab it. Wait too long and another player will snap it up, leaving you with regret.