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Tree of Savior Silver Price History

Last Update: July 15, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy tos Silver. This overview not only includes the Tree of Savior Silver prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our tos Silver list has been last updated on July 15, 2024. The next update is scheduled for July 16, 2024. As of July 15, 2024 the median price for 1mn is $1.3. Currently there are 24 Tree of Savior Silver prices in our database.

About Tree of Savior Silver

Tree of Savior is a free-to-play MMORPG that is now available for download on Steam. The story is centered around several goddesses who keep the world in balance. Since their disappearance, the world has been thrown into turmoil. The Divine Tree emerges from the capital, destroying everything in its path. Individuals from the kingdom have dreamed of the goddess and set out to find her. Tree of Savior uses an in-game currency called Silver. The progression of your character is dependent upon the amount of Silver earned. Different classes possess certain attributes that can only be leveled through the use of Silver. Silver is also used to enhance weapons, recipes, and other gaming aspects. Players can obtain Silver by killing monsters and selling dropped items.

Certain areas of the game make it easier for players to obtain Silver. For example, farming Silver as a level 20-40 player is simple in Miner’s Village where there are two farming areas. One is located on the west side of the map, and the other on the east side. In these areas, you will find a lesser boss called Large Red Kepa who controls monsters known as Red Kepas. These monsters possess a high drop rate, dropping items you can easily sell. After reaching level 30, you can earn over 15,000 Silver in thirty minutes or less. In areas where AFK Bots are prevalent, you’ll earn Silver quickly by farming the loot they do not pick up. Switch to another server if you notice there are too many players farming for Silver. The fewer players around, the more Silver you can earn. Tree of Savoir is currently playable through early access, but will become fully available on April 28. Purchase early access for as low as $9.99 to begin playing today.

Latest Articles About Tree of Savior

Tree of Savior Guide: Best Classes To Earn Silver

Tree of Savior may have dozens of classes, but not all of them are made equal, especially when it comes to earning silver, that all-important currency you spend to buy equipment and upgrades for your character. This guide shows you three of the easiest and highly effective silver-making strategies in Tree of Savior, as well as the classes that you can play to rake in the currency in the shortest time and least difficulty. In theory, all Tree of Savior classes can earn silver, but the sections below should make the task easier for you.

Farming rare materials or gear

Silver-making Strategy

When you kill monsters, they drop silver currency as well as items that can be sold either to non-player character vendors, other players via the marketplace, or even to the RMT suppliers. This means that the faster you kill monsters, the more silver currency you can accumulate, so the best classes for this strategy are efficient killing machines.

Recommended Class Builds

Among Archer classes, the Ranger and Fletcher builds are popular because they can spam area of effect abilities. This build lets you demolish mob packs in a fraction of the time that it would otherwise take other classes, but may need to bring along a lot of SP potions for longer farming runs.

A lot of grinding parties also seek out Wizard classes for their multitude of area of effect spells that inflict a large amount of damage. Dungeons are filled to the brim with mobs that move around and attack in large groups, which is where Wizards, especially Elementalist builds, come in to eradicate them en masse with minimal damage and delay to the party. The problem with Wizards is they can be quite vulnerable in close range, but in a grinding party with tanks and healers, these spellcasting mages can focus on pumping out maximum damage per second.

Among the Swordsman classes, you can try running Peltasta builds because of the Swash Buckling skill, an area of effect taunt, that is inherent in them. Clearing dungeons and other group content becomes a breeze with a Peltasta keeping mobs preoccupied while the back line rains destructive abilities on them. For easier encounters, the build allows you to weapon-swap and take on a more offensive fighting stance.

Clerics are in high demand especially for large group farming parties that require a more coordinated team. Their healing abilities and support utility allow the farming party to survive the encounter and reduce the chance of a time-consuming and demoralizing failed dungeon run.

Solo dungeon runs

Silver-making Strategy

Do you like to fly solo? Do you get very annoyed waiting for your party to get assembled when you could be spending your precious time killing monsters and earning Tree of Savior silver? Then you may want to consider going on solo dungeon runs. Not only do you get to keep all of the most expensive loot, but you also avoid the inconveniences of having to work with and wait for other party members.

Recommended Class Builds

For Swordsman classes, the Barbarian is a very popular solo dungeon running choice because of its fast attack, high damage output and versatility with universal skills that can be used with many weapons. Barbarians can be self-sufficient and depend less on team composition than other builds to clear certain content.

Archers can consider taking Quarrel Shooter and Scout builds to clear solo dungeons because of their impressive kiting repertoire. They are able to shoot fast while moving, and have extremely high single target damage that is essential for clearing some of the tougher dungeon bosses. You may need to practice how to handle packs of mobs because of the distinct lack of area of effect damage that these builds tend to provide, but with the right equipment and tactics, it can be done.

Wizards may be viewed as weak frontline fighters, but they do have access to builds that allow them to play solo quite well. For example a combination of Wizard > Pyro > Linker > Sorcerer > Featherfoot grants you a mixture of area of effect attacks, single-target burst and defensive utility to dive into a dungeon alone.

Cleric Monks seem to be a favorite among soloers because of their abundant utility and respectable damage. Monk builds can further be enhanced for solo play, depending on the type of dungeon content you are planning to run, such as increased area of effect damage to be able to deal with pesky mob groups.

Fast leveling

Silver-making Strategy

If you have a bit more patience, you can try to powerleveling fast to get access to higher level monsters that drop more silver. The idea is to zip through the lower levels so you can focus on killing monsters in the endgame.

Recommended Class Builds

Wizard Pyro builds really shine in the early leveling stages, letting you burn enemies, even groups, quite easily. They also have good sustained damage against single targets so if you get tired of solo leveling, you can fit into a party and carry your own weight.

Clerics are often pigeonholed as support classes that heal and protect allies, but they have access to the Monk build that lets them punch their way through most of the solo leveling content with ease. Krivis is also another class that unlocks powerful damaging abilities for Clerics.

Killing enemies fast will also let you level up fast, and among the Swordsman classes, the Doppelsoeldner is hard to beat when it comes to sheer damage output. This class gives you access to Cyclone, a destructive area of effect skill that lets you spin around and decimate targets that get caught in the whirling attack.

Archers that want to solo level can consider investing in CON stats in order to better survive tougher encounters. Ranger builds give you great area of effect attacks to easily clear groups of enemies and rack up experience, but it is also optimal to spec into strong single-target damage classes to gain more versatility that is essential for solo leveling.

Tree of Savior Auction House Silver Making Guide

Auction House locations in Tree of Savior offer a very aggressive approach to trading. This approach requires a great deal more user interaction to sell an item than one might otherwise expect. Most players are probably used to merely selling unwanted items to NPC avatars who stand around in city shops. Auctions are much different, but they can make a player fabulously wealthy in almost no time compared to the traditional ways of raising cash.

Selling Items in Auction Houses for Big Money

In some ways the process is much like selling an item in the market. Anyone who wishes to participate in an auction has to first visit an Auctioneer NPC. These characters are conveniently located right next to the main market grounds in each city. The orientation of the building itself might change a bit, but it generally looks the same. When administrators make changes to the default patch the look of the building shifts somewhat. It's a good idea to keep an eye out in order to avoid missing anything.

Sellers will have to register their items. This process is the same for those who were selling items to the market instead of auctioning them off. Once they've been registered, the seller needs to figure out how much tree of savior silver they want to make from the item. Make sure that any demands here are reasonable. Players won't pay ridiculous prices for something that isn't worth it. They'll also be a bit suspicious if something really valuable is being sold for very low prices.

Sellers have several different options to set when setting up an auction:

  • A starting bid price
  • A buy-it-now price
  • The duration of the auction
  • Minimum bid increments

Anyone who has used an actual online auction site will have no trouble figuring out these options. For those who might be a bit new to this, the starting bid is the absolute minimum that someone will have to pay for the item if they bid on it. The duration controls how long the Auctioneer NPC will let other players bid on the items. Players can always use the buy-it-now option to pay a specific fixed price for an item. The minimum bid increment specifies how much another person has to bid over their competition to get listed as the highest bidder in the auction.

Auctioneer NPC avatars will take care of everything else once these options have been set. This is the key to making a great deal of money, since these avatars will generally be able to fetch a much higher price than the market can if an item is interesting. Strangely the official Tree of Savior documentation glosses over most of this information.

Selling Unique Items

Another thing that the official documentation seems to ignore is the fact that crafted items can be sold in the auction house. Some items are exclusive to crafters, and many of these items are unique to a specific class. This means that many players will be more willing to pay higher prices for these. Some character classes can make very rare unique items that will fetch high profits.

Players who want to completely exploit this fact will probably want to opt for the Fletcher class, since blessed holy arrows are hard to come by. Beginning players especially will need these to take out certain bosses. They'll have no choice but to buy them from an auction.

Valuable items that monsters drop generally sell for around 500,000 silver pieces in the auction house. One of the easiest ways to get rich very quickly is to immediately take all of that loot to the nearest auction house and sort it by level. In theory a mat at level 60 can actually sell for over 1,500,000 silver pieces.

Dealing with Taxes and Fees

Tree of Savior has a tendency to hurt free account players who are trying to get rich in this fashion. Tax on market sales isn't covered in the auction. This means that those who make a lot of money might have to pay a great deal. Paid accounts that carry a token are only on the hook for 10 percent of what they make in an auction, but free account players will have to pay up to 30 percent in fees.

The only way around this for free users who are unwilling to upgrade their account is to start many small auctions at once. This will result in net taxes that are overall lower than if the player had created a single auction and won a great deal of money in it.

Turning Things Off for a Bit

Even though this is the fastest way to get rich in the game, there is one caveat that will slow most players down. Game rules stipulate that silver from the Auction House can't be deposited in a character account until 48 hours after the auction ends. Despite this being a major game mechanic, it's either unknown to most players or ignored.

While you could continue to grind while waiting for payment, there is a practical limit as to how many auctions you can have end at once. Therefore it's sometimes actually best to wait for a bit before continuing with the game. Logging an account out can therefore paradoxically actually make the process faster.

Making Large Sums of Money

Balance out auctions with wise use of the marketplace. While valuable items might fetch around 500,000 silver pieces in the Auction House, worthless ones won't. Therefore selling worthless ones to NPC shopkeepers is generally a better idea. Some players take the money they earn this way and scour the auction lists for valuable items that got ignored by other players. They then scoop these up and sell them at a later date. Think of it as a medieval fantasy version of eBay.

Regardless of what techniques players use, they generally quickly find that these auctions are an excellent way to get rich in Tree of Savior very quickly. In case you do not have that much time to study the market, you can consider buy tree of savior silver from these suppliers.