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Vindictus Gold Price History

Last Update: July 15, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy Vindictus Gold. This overview not only includes the Vindictus Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our Vindictus Gold list has been last updated on July 15, 2024. The next update is scheduled for July 16, 2024. As of July 15, 2024 the median price for 100mn is $46.7. Currently there are 2 Vindictus Gold prices in our database.

About Vindictus Gold

Vindictus is a game developed by Nexon which is the prequel to the game, Mabinogi that was released in North America on March 27, 2008. The free-to-play game is of the hack and slash type. It can be downloaded and played for free, at no purchase price. Players have the option to choose five characters at the beginning with different attributes. As players venture through the game, new equipments such as weapons, gear and items are needed. To receive a substantial amount of gold, players are propelled to defeat monsters or participate in dungeons for hard-earned rewards. Players can purchase in-game items in the game's virtual shop with a virtual currency called Karma Koin. Players cam then use these items to vamp up their appearance or improve abilities.

The game economy is, to a large part, moderated by the Marketplace, where item trading takes place between sellers. Prices are freely set by players who wishes to sell their items. This is primarily how the market price of items are determined; very much based on the combined effect on how each gamer manages their earnings. The Vindictus Marketplace is however not designed by Nexon to be as free in its use. There's a fee to sell items that can easily undermine profit margins.

The main currency used in the game is Vindictus gold and can be earned by means of the selling and trading at the Marketplace. The game also features a crafting system which is actively used by gamers to earn more Vindictus gold.

Latest Articles About Vindictus

5 Videos to Help You Make Vindictus Gold

There are lots of ways to earn Vindictus Gold - from straightforward farming to eking a profit as a Marketplace merchant. Luckily, these five videos should help you get more significantly Gold from your effort so that you can spend less time grinding and more time actually enjoying the game.

Farming Dye Ampoules

Dye ampoules are very much sought after in Vindictus, especially the rarest Pure White and Pure Black dyes. This video gives tips on how to maximize your chance of scoring both popular dyes, which you can eventually sell for a lot of Gold. The main trick here is to master the art of dye color selection as shown in the video. Some players may not have the patience for this, but for the small time it takes to do this compared to the potentially large payoff, it should be worth trying out.

Farm Iron Ore

These two videos give you pointers on how to do an iron ore mining runs at Hoarfrost Hollow. While iron ore prices are now lower, this farming method can still yield a pretty sum of Gold. The real attraction to this is you can start farming iron ore as early as level 10.

In the first video, the girl narrator provides quick routes for maximum drops and minimum clearing time. The video is more meant for Vindictus veterans who already know of iron ore mining but could use help in refining their speed clears.

Meanwhile, the guy narrator in the second video provides more detailed instructions for beginners who may be doing this for the first time. He goes through the entire process and makes it very easy for newbies to follow along.

Another popular ore farming spot is The Blood Prince. Many consider the mobs here relatively easy and the ore drops are fairly generous for the short run. The video shows you how to kill the enemies fast and where exactly where to find those ores. A lot of gold grinders just skip the bosses so they can do more runs per hour.

Farm Wild Berries

This video shows how you can farm Wild Berries in Hilder Forest Ruins. You can also gather the berries at other locations, but many agree that this is the best location. Besides running the dungeon also nets you other good-priced item drops such as Zyarga's Sword Fragments. The video specifically says this is for the Vindictus EU version of the game, but it should be just as useful a guide for players in NA and other regions.