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Tera Online Gold Price History

Last Update: June 15, 2024

On this page you'll see a listing of providers from which you can buy Tera Gold. This overview not only includes the Tera Online Gold prices of every shop, but also a customer rating. Shops listed as trusted sellers have a proven track record and are usually safe to buy from.

Our Tera Gold list has been last updated on June 15, 2024. The next update is scheduled for June 17, 2024. As of June 16, 2024 the median price for 20,000 is $19.48. Currently there are 10 Tera Online Gold prices in our database.

About Tera Online Gold

The Game

Tera Online, developed by Bluehole Studio and En Masse Entertainment, focuses on a true action combat system which involves the ability for gamers to dodge, roll out of harms way and make use of an aiming reticle. The game is designed so that players have full control of their own characters in a dynamic style battle.

Gamers are given the choice of seven races and eight playable classes, each with their own unique culture and history. As far as storyline goes, all the races work together to provide balance of power in a world overwhelmed by threatening dark powers.

Developed based on the traditional MMO concept, the game features dungeons, boss fights, PvP, various landscapes covered with different monsters, questing and without a doubt, an economy. The main currency used in TERA is gold, followed by silver and copper. With the availability of an auction house, the game's economy is based on a large part on the forces of demand and supply. Within the game, players are also able to run for election in Tera in a new political system that will allow players to become a Vanarch, ruler of a province or Exarch, ruler of a continent.

The Currency

TERA gold is an essential part of character progression from start to end game. Besides being used to trade items in the auction house, gamers will need gold to buy weapons, armor, items as well as skills as they level up. The use of glyphs also requires gamers to buy them from glyphmasters. In addition to buying items from NPCs, the game also supports crafting professions. Thus making the role of gold in the game important and is without a doubt highly sought after by TERA gamers.

Delivery Options

At the time of writing it's not clear which delivery option TERA gold sellers will support. Traditionally, gold gets sent via ingame-mail unless there's significant steps being taken by game companies to interrupt that. In the past Asia-based companies had a tendency to be more relaxed about gold selling and buying. Thus there's a chance that the market will be rather hassle-free, especially when comparing it the troubles people can have with buying currency for Euro games like EVE Online or Runes of Magic.

Latest Articles About Tera Online

Gold Grinding Tips for a Tera Warrior

Much like Slayers, Warriors rely on deft hand to hand combat skills in order to do their damage. Much like all the characters save arguably the Priest, you will make the most gold by being a part of a group and tackling dungeons. Twin swords make the Warrior a fun character to play melee with as well as Lancer, as you will marvel at their slashing abilities and complicated assaults. Defense will also be a mainstay of your arsenal, because you are not built to stand toe to toe with enemies in the same way your Tank character is. This will lead to a quick death and is not taking advantage of the terrific dodge and roll capabilities of your Warrior.

In a group, your job will be to inflict damage on the Boss as well as stand up to Mob rushes. While you are a poor substitute for a Lancer Tank, you can serve as a bit of a diversion for Bosses and can keep them aggroed and away from your weaker companions. You will need the attention of your healer Priests and Mystics, but you will be able to do a lot of damage at the same time. Ideally, when using a Warrior, you will have an actual Lancer Tank that can occupy the monster, and a priest that can buff your attacks, so that you can be the ultimate slasher from behind and the side.

Abilities for Farming
Your beginning Combo Attack and Evasive Roll are going to stay with you throughout the life of your character. This is the meat and potatoes of a Warrior character. Use it when leveling up in order to survive the counter attacks of your monster opponents while delivering the large amount of damage a combo attack can do. The combo assault will do damage to multiple opponents in front of you, so use it against mobs and do not be afraid to stand toe to toe with a mob for a few rounds of this. You will do a lot of damage and be able to dodge away after doing so.

Rain of Blows is another skill that will allow you to handle a large spawn of monsters by yourself, as you will not only do some serious damage but you will also have your own damage received reduced by thirty percent while performing this skill. Use this skill in combination with your Evasive Roll and you will eventually be able to solo very well with a Warrior Character. Vortex Slash is a skill that can be used after Evasive Roll, and will produce a whirling, slashing attack. This is a great skill when aggroing several monsters at once, and it is imperative to maximizing your gold grinding to kill as many monsters with your time as possible.

Solo Grinding
This is where the Warrior shines as a solo character. You will be able to survive with your defensive skills, and be able to produce the damage necessary to farm gold at a good rate. Battle Cry is a good skill to use while soloing. It will stun your opponents and allow you to attack or make an escape if you are being overwhelmed. There are going to be times when you simply aggro too many opponents or you get caught in a bad situation. Using skills like Battle Cry will help you eliminate the annoying deaths that can occur occasionally, and that kill your gold grinding rate.

Get Rich as a Sorcerer in Tera Online

Sorcerers are like the bombers in the army, they provide the big punches that can really destroy Mobs or Bosses, and they do it from a comfortable distance. This is a really fun character to play if you like blowing things up.

Play Style
As part of a group, you will be strongly desired for your offensive capabilities. Sorcerers are capable of both area attacks and targeted attacks. This means that you will be very useful in both making it through the dungeon, but also essential in taking the Bosses down. Fireball is a base offensive skill that you will start with that will be with you as you level up through the game. A simple spell, Fireball is a quick cast and can be used to finish off monsters that are close to death.

Abilities for Grinding
Magma Bomb will be your first available area damage skill, and will be invaluable to your early Boss and Mob gold farming. As you level up you will need to upgrade this skill as it is a cheap way to cause damage within a small area. Combined with Painful Trap, which will form a circle around you and explode when any enemy comes too close, you will be able to play offense while defending your position at the same time. This is a great way to start accumulated better equipment and level up your Sorcerer, which will in turn lead to more riches as your quality of prey improves.

Pain Blast is another skill to utilize when you hit level fourteen. This area damage spell will really start to add the damage up as you move up in levels, and can be deadly to large groups of enemies or Mobs you encounter. This skill will hit enemies every 2 seconds for ten seconds, which means you can be delivering other damage to them while this spell still works. This is key to understanding how to be a juggernaut Sorcerer. Stack your attacks on top of each other to deliver devastating amounts of punishment to your foe, ending battles quickly.

Solo Grinding
Soloing with a Sorcerer is going to be a real challenge initially. It is not recommended as an efficient way to collect gold, as you will struggle to deal with the fact that you are not very good at surviving attacks. It can be done, using spells such as Back Step, which will instantly catapult you five meters away from the monster attacking you. There are also a number of traps that your sorcerer can cast, use these after aggroing mobs and lead them to their deaths in large numbers. This is one way you will be able to escape the quick death that attempting to stand toe to toe with monsters will produce with a Sorcerer.

This means that making the most gold with a Sorcerer comes down to being able to play as a team member. You will be a really valuable one, and you will find some great loot for your character while you are at it. As you reach the higher levels, Fire Blast is a small area damage spell that will cause massive amounts of damage. Use this to strike large Mobs on the way to Bosses and clear the path for your group with a blazed earth policy. Do not forget that you are very lightly armored with a simple robe so you will need to keep your distance from the fight.

Archer Gold Grinding Tips

hese ranged units are capable of a lot of magic in addition to their natural firepower with their bows. Archers wear lightweight armor and are powered with evasive moves that will let them survive assaults. They are capable of inflicting damage in several ways, and are one of the best equipped classes to take on challenges solo. If you enjoy being extremely deadly and extremely agile, then this class will make you a lot of gold.

Group damage is one of the ways Archers excel at gold farming alone. Traps, which players can lay to inflict massive damage on a large mob following them, are at the forefront of an Archer's dangerous weaponry. Gathering a number of monsters behind you and having them walk into their own damage and death is an effective way of killing large numbers quickly and efficiently. This will enable you to farm gold at a higher rate than you would be able to killing each monster individually.

Ability for Farming
Skills like the Breakaway Bolt will propel your character back out of harm's way while inflicting damage on the mob in front of you. This technique is especially helpful in the early stages of your archer characters development as it is achievable early on in the leveling process. There are also combination attacks that an archer can use most effectively to farm gold on a large scale. Your Penetrating arrow attack will be followed by a final salvo, which will be a larger scale attack of your base bow attack. This can cause massive damage in a short amount of time to creatures with a large amount of hit points. Using Close Quarters, Breakaway Bolt, and then Radiant arrow will catapult you away from the chasing mob while delivering a huge single burst of damage. This combined with traps can be a way to destroy several monsters at once and reap the rewards.

Best Enemies to Farm
The best mob farming found for Archers is hunting Argonomorphic Lokian Archers found in Thrallhold, which drop a respectable amount of gold and sellable loot. They can be found on a set of floating stairs and are not too difficult of an opponent. Shooting arrows only every four seconds, they will do minimal damage for the reward they offer. Simply take advantage of your higher firepower and eliminate these creatures as they spawn. Take your time and be efficient killing them, as farming these monsters will net you around 1500 to 2000 gold per hour. Make sure that you are taking advantage of the quick spawn of these Argonomorphic Lokian Archers and do not just do one spawn of their mob before leaving. Their quick spawn will enable you to grind out a large chuck of gold with one dedicated session.

Things to Remind
Do not forget that Archers can be invaluable to groups and while they are strong solo, they will also net very good gains by joining groups and inflicting ranged damage on the Bosses. Tanks will be busy absorbing damage and you will also be able to find unique Archer weaponry and armor from the Boss Drops. This weaponry will increase your killing ability and make it easier for you to farm in the future. This is realistic as a real warrior is only as good as his killing tools. Archers in particular can find some very deadly weapons on Boss loot drops. Keep your eyes peeled for crystals that will enhance your attack even further.

Farming Gold as a Berserker

This class lives up to its name, as it is made to get right into the thick of the action and win by being the crazier of the foes. Built to withstand punishment and dish out even more, Berserkers are a fun class to play solo but also can be hugely advantageous as part of a group. Effective gold farming with the Berserker class means that you will be charging headfirst into battle and trying to destroy your enemies before your rage dies.

While Berserkers are known for their offensive capabilities, it is important to be able to withstand the shock of such aggressive tactics. It is essential to use a Berserker's heavy armor and upgrade it so that you can withstand the counter blows you are certain to suffer while playing this class. This, combined with the Ax Block skill, will enable you to make your Berserker a tough cookie from the get go.

Best Weapon
Berserkers wield axes and are therefore as beholden to their equipment as any other soldier. Finding the right kind of ax to use can be a boon for dealing with tough mobs and making gold farming go by a little quicker. Skills like the Vampiric Blow, achieved at level 18, will scare enemies away for a short while, allowing you to plan your attacks or your retreat with some precision. The Flatten blow will knock enemies to the ground and allow you the opening to deal them a final blow.

Special Technique for Berserker
The best gold grinding technique for Berserkers is heading to the dungeons. The swarms and mobs there will provide you with a steady stream of gold as you advance towards the Bosses waiting along the way. Dealing with each boss will increase your rank and eventually start to add up to some very nice equipment. Being a part of a group is encouraged as a Berserker because it will allow you to unleash your massive offensive potential without having to worry about being the focus of your opponent's assault at the same time. Use your special assaults and combos to your advantage as a Berserker. Keep in mind that you can take an enemy out quicker than most in TERA because of these awesomely powerful moves. A favorite skill for Berserkers is Bloodlust, in which you will be endowed with a massive influx of strength and resistance to damage. Using these skills while attacking with combos will lead you to being a very effective gold grinder.

Things to Remind
Berserkers' weapons are unique in their size, which allows them to cause damage to several enemies at once if they are unfortunate enough to find themselves in the path of the pole arm. Equip a cunning crystal to offset the constant loss of MP as the Berserker class is the only one that suffers from this. Naturally, Berserkers are hard to bring down and have a large amount of hit points to absorb damage. They are not a true tank class, but a tank class enraged. Keep this in mind as you will probably not be able to survive acting like a true tank and simply attempting to take on every mob single handed.