Roblox Players Spent $176 Million Worth of Virtual Currency in 2012

By Frank Lewis,
17.6 billion Robux. That's the amount of virtual currency Roblox players spent last year, reports Cinema Blend, which is worth an equivalent of $176 million in current exchange rates.

Not all of that translated to revenues for Roblox Corporation, the developer behind the increasingly popular block-building massively multiplayer online game.

Robux can be acquired through a number of means. Players can spend real cash to purchase them directly from Roblox Corporation. Players who subscribe as premium members also receive a daily Robux stipend based on membership level. Players also receive Robux after selling virtual goods.

Still, even if only a fraction of that $176 million went to Roblox Corporation directly through Robux purchases and indirectly through premium subscriptions, the bigger news here is that the MMORPG is on the verge of becoming a certified cash cow.

Noticeably Better 2012
Launched in 2005 and is now available in both PC and iOS platforms, Roblox has been growing in popularity. The MMO performed noticeably better in 2012 than in 2011.

Latest data from Roblox Corporation show that the MMO's official website,, hit 13.3 billion page views in 2012, rising 37% from 2011. Roblox fans also clocked in 176.3 million hours played in 2012, up 50% from the previous year.

To put the last statistic in perspective, Escapist Magazine listed the top ten games in the world in terms of hours played during the first six months of 2012 collected from game data trackers Xfire and DFC Intelligence:

1. League of Legends: 1,292,502,456
2. World of Warcraft: 622,378,909
3. Minecraft: 371,635,651
4. Heroes of Newerth: 184,520,156
5. Diablo III: 172,907,605
6. Battlefield 3: 171,852,550
7. MapleStory: 165,503,651
8. StarCraft II: 163,980,293
9. World Of Tanks: 145,702,931
10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: 126,754,082

Roblox could break into this very list in a few years if it continues to show remarkable growth in subscriber numbers and hours played.

Lucrative Brand Partnerships
Aside from its addicting block-building mechanics and inviting community for all ages, Roblox's rising success can also be attributed its savvy partnerships with other brands.

According to the Roblox Wikipedia page, the game "partners with approximately 3 companies every year to bring a mini-game that endorses the company." Past brand partnerships have included Lego Hero Factory, The Three Stooges and KREO Battleship.

These lucrative brand partnerships are seen to drive new players to Roblox. They also help keep existing subscribers entertained and invested in the game. Players who participate in the brand-affiliated mini-games can earn special badges and awards, which will can then be shown off to other players. Obviously, players whose accounts are filled with badges and awards will be less likely to leave the game, and will more likely spend Robux the longer he or she stays as an active player.

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