Is Bitcoin's Founder this Japanese Math Professor?

By Michael Oliver,
"Who is/are Satoshi Nakamoto?" is probably the most talked-about mystery in Bitcoin circles. While many including the New York Times have come up blank in unraveling the identity behind the Bitcoin founder's online pseudonym, IT pioneer Ted Nelson points to a Kyoto University mathematician as the real deal.

Ted Nelson, famous for coining the term "hypertext" which is a building block concept of the modern Internet, believes that the elusive Satoshi Nakamoto persona credited for creating the cryptocurrency Bitcoin is none other than Shinichi Mochizuki, a Japanese mathematician.

He made this assertion in a new 12-minute video he uploaded on YouTube:

Channeling Sherlock Holmes, the fictional detective with a knack for solving seemingly unsolvable crimes, Nelson said took a different approach than the rest who have been hunting down Satoshi Nakamoto.

His basic argument is that Shinichi Mochizuki posseses the same genius mind and displays the same quirky behavior as Satoshi Nakamoto.

After having introduced Bitcoin to the world, Satoshi Nakamoto suddenly emailed his collaborators and said that he has moved on to other projects. This sudden flight from the Bitcoin project proved puzzling for observers given that the cryptocurrency is possibly at the brink of global acceptance.

Nelson said this behavioral profile - a brilliant man with a pattern of releasing works that would mystify and awe those in the field and leave it for the rest of the world to run with it - is mirrored in Shinichi Mochizuki's recent actions.

Nelson cited how Mochizuki recently released groundbreaking research work in Mathematics, and instead of publishing it through the usual peer journals, released it instead on the Internet and refrained from commenting or explaining any further.
The technology visionary also said Mochizuki possessed Western education that would have allowed him to converse in English, which was what Satoshi Nakamoto used in his Bitcoin posts.

Nelson painted Mochizuki as a brilliant but reclusive genius who were one of the few people in the world with the mental rigors to conceptualize Bitcoin, which Nelson likened to electronic gold and praised as "brilliant at every level."

This fascination with Bitcoin stems from what Nelson describes as the unique appeals of Bitcoin - from its multi-level cryptographic system to its scripting language for multi-party transactions to the fact that even five years after its arrival, it has "held up very well."

Nelson admits though that Satoshi Nakamoto could be an entirely different person or even group altogether. Still, this similarities are enough to support his theory.

"I have presented an existence proof that there exists a very similar man with a similar brilliance and a very similar of long-range delivery of big, big stuff who has recently given the world another extraordinary universe they are not ready to understand and has moved on like Satoshi to his next task."

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