FFXIV Gil Farming Guide 2021 Edition

By Brandy,

Gil is the common currency of FFXIV. You earn Gil by doing all sorts of different tasks, both in and outside of combat. You can track your Gil by looking at the currency panel of your character sheet. Gil can also be handed off to other players through the in-game mail system, Market Board or even a Free Company chest. Gil is mainly used for aesthetics and convenience. This guide has been written to explain several ways of earning Gil through the many possible options.

Clearing Quests

Quests are broken up into different categories, like regular quests, duties and so on. NPCs have a specific icon above their head if they are connected or begin a "Main Scenario Quest" and you can use the Recommendations list to page through nearby Duties. While all "Main Scenario Quests" have a minimum level requirement, some also require speaking with a specific NPC, clearing a certain dungeon, collecting a certain number of items, etc. Clearing Main Scenario Quests earn both Gil and Experience with many also offering other additional rewards. There is a distinct Main Scenario Quest for each of the game's starting zones that covers progression from 1st to 15th level; quests become universal after that point.

Sell Items

While the game's currency caps out at 999,999,999, you can only send up to 10 million Gil to a character or 5 million to a retainer. Selling can be pursued through either a face-to-face transaction after making a friend request or through listing something on the Market Board at a price you dictate; should other players agree to your price, your account is credited for the Gil minus a 5% transaction fee.

making gil with market board
You should check out market board to see which items you should sell here.

The 5% profit loss of the Market Board gives a slight advantage in earning potential by engaging with other players directly but players with limited play time may find the Market Board a more reliable, if less profitable, means of garnering income.

Level Up Your Gathering Professions

Gathering classes, grouped under the umbrella term "Disciples of the Land," collect natural resources. For newbies, collecting and selling off materials is a great low-level means of gathering Gil. Your starting options are Miner, Botanist and then Fisher; you will not become rich through this path but it still earns a respectable amount of Gil. Miners collect ore and gemstones for the smithing classes; Botanists focus on plant- and tree-related resources for the crafting classes. Fishers use fishing tackle or a spear to catch marine life.

Gathering Challenges

Challenges are like trophies or achievements, except that they also pay out Gil and experience; each of these Challenges award enough experience to bring you 5% closer to leveling up but give variable amounts of Gil.

  • The Gathering Storm. Successfully gather items comparable to your own level 100 times to receive 1,000 Gil.
  • The Gathering Storm (HQ). Successfully gather high-quality items comparable to your own level 30 times to receive 2,000 Gil.
  • Hooked on the Reeling. Catch 30 fish and receive 1,000 Gil.
  • Hooked on the Reeling (HQ). Catch 10 high-quality fish and receive 2,000 Gil.
  • Spear Me. Spear 50 fish and earn 1,000 Gil.
  • Spear Me (HQ). Spear 20 high-quality fish and earn 2,000 Gil

Duty Roulettes

This is a slow but consistent way to becoming a "Gillionaire." Leveling roulettes pay off with a lot of Gil and experience points. The trick is to run daily roulettes, score a cracked cluster and look into acquiring and cashing out red grade VI materia; this advice goes double for Paladin, Warrior and Dark Knight classes.

duty roulette final fantasy xiv
Do not forget to regularly complete the duty roulettes.

Duty Roulettes feature daily rewards that resilt in Gil, EXP and other credits, based on the duty, your job and the job's level. Every patch causes the

The Duty Roulette offers a daily reward that gives the players a combination of experience, Grand Company Seals, Cracked Clusters, Mhachi Matter, and Gil, depending on the type of duty, your job depending on what is currently needed, and the level of the job when entering the queue. The type and number of Tomestones available for each roulette often change with new patch content.


Here is a breakdown of the various types of duties, as well as the amount of Gil you can earn for normally doing it plus how much more you can earn by serving as a needed party role.

Example: You decide to attempt a Trial and it turns out that there's an open party that needs a Tank. You agree to tank as a Gunbreaker and, should the duty go well, will earn 14,766 Gil (the normal 10.5k that everyone gets plus another 4,266 for filling a needed role.

  • Expert. 7,050/7,110 Gil.
  • Level 80 Dungeons. 7,050/7,110 Gil.
  • Level 50/60/70 Dungeons. 7,050/7,110 Gil.
  • Leveling. 7,770/11,850 Gil.
  • Trials. 11,850/4,266 Gil.
  • Main Scenario. 7,050/7,100 Gil.
  • Guildhests. 1,120/1,777 Gil.
  • Mentor. 7,050/5,400 Gil.
  • Alliance Raid. 11,850/7,100 Gil.
  • Normal. 11,850/1,422 Gil.

Looking over all options and accounting for serving as a needed party role, the most Gil-rich duties would be Alliance Raids and Leveling. The Duty Roster resets every morning at 7 a.m. PDT.

Play the Market Board

Buying low and selling high is one of the classic ways to earn money. When looking to earn off of the Market Board, watch for "weak" items and craft them to glean a higher value and ensure greater profits. This is where a lot of players earn their Gil, though it may not be for newcomers. Success at the Board requires analyzing what tends to be most profitable or most commonly marketed on your particular server. Be mindful of which retainers you share the market with and how they tend to sell. The best situation is when you can connect one of your retainers with a player.

Run Dungeons

Dungeons are where you can go to earn mendacity and poetics, which can then be traded for necessary crafting materials and crop soil.

Dungeons are instanced scenarios with their own monsters and treasure hauls. Most of them entail traversing a zone filled with normal enemies and the occasional boss. Furthermore, most dungeons have level requirements before they can be entered-the enemies might be too strong for your character to contribute anything notable. If you are involved in a dungeon where one of the participants, even yourself, has never cleared it before, each participant will earn a bonus.

Dungeon Challenges

  • Feeling Lucky. Clear 3 dungeons and/or Alliance Raids through the Duty Roulete and collect 1,000 Gil.
  • Dungeon Master. Clear 5 dungeons and collecion 2,000 Gil.
FFXIV dungeon
When your character is powerful enough, a dungeon run is a good way to farm FFXIV Gil.


Just like in real life, gardening requires a considerable investment of time and resources. Consider this route if you already have a house and a lot of free time and you can grow valuable crops like the Thavnairian Onion. When a crop is fully grown, you can harvest it as produce with a quality that varies with how it was cultivated. While gardening takes a decent chunk of Gil to get started, it pays off in considerable dividends.

The Challenge Log

The Challenge Log is an entire list of objectives and each of those objectives pays off in Gil and other rewards once you clear them. Furthermore, completing more objectives earns a greater reward based on how close you got to maxing out the log with a total potential Gil yield of 93,000. These challenges can be done over a week and the Log resets every Tuesday at 1 a.m. PDT.

Rather than be available right out of the gates, a player must first complete Rising to the Challenge, a quest suitable for characters at Level 15 or higher. Beginning this quest entails speaking with I'tolwann in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks after you have also cleared "Call of the Sea" in any of the three starter areas. Even once the Challenge Log has been made available, you will not be able to engage in certain challenges until the relevant feature has been unlocked, such as Treasure Hunts.


These two quest types can be repeated as long as you have an allowance. Guildleves can be completed solo or with others and starting one is as simple as finding an NPC with "Levemete" under its name. Upon acceptance, "Guildleve" appears in your journal, which is where you initiate the levequest. A note on Levequest allowances, you gain 3 of them every 12 hours real time, whether or not you are playing, and can stockpile up to 100. This game mechanic also features two challenges, each of which yields 1,000 Gil for achieving them.

  • Just Leve It to Me requires you to clear 5 Levequess using different "leve plates."
  • Making Like a Tree simply asks you to clear 20 levequests.

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