Diablo 2 Resurrected Beginner Guide

By Brandy,

Diablo 2 resurrected has finally released its beta version giving players an idea of what twenty years of video game and tech growth has led to. Other developments are ongoing, including enhancing the surrounding sound, new 3D graphics, and collective inventories. 

If you are new to Diablo 2 resurrected, you may wonder what type of a game it is and what it entails. Here is a complete beginner guide for you.

What is Diablo 2 resurrected?

Diablo 2 resurrected, is an action computer video game developed and published in 2000 by Blizzard North and Blizzard Entertainment for macOS, Classic Mac OS, and Microsoft windows. Blizzard is expected to release the game in September. 

Diablo 2 resurrected is expected to have a lot of change, but its mission is to offer a definitive Diablo experience. The resurrected version will include Lord of Destruction expansion and Diablo 2. The characters, campaigns, story, and modes will remain the same.

How Many Classes and Abilities are Available in Diablo 2 Resurrected?

At the beginning of the game, Diablo 2 resurrected challenges with the challenging decision to choose the best class for you. Diablo 2 resurrected has seven different classes at the beginning of the game. As a beginner, it may be hard to make this decision. You have to make sense of your first build. Do you need a durable character that can fight with their hand in the middle of a mob or someone that has minions that helps them fight?

These questions surround all the seven characters and are helpful to new Diablo 2 resurrected players as they choose their classes. Once you start playing Act One’s fallen in the dark moors, it becomes hard to select the best skill that will be helpful.

Before you select any class, get to know some tips that could be useful when choosing the best classes and abilities. You only get a right and left-click attack when playing Diablo 2 resurrected. But you should come up with your right-click shortcuts that allow you to modify abilities quickly.

Let's look at the seven classes, how to play them, and tips to help you develop the right Diablo 2 resurrected buildup as the video game awaits its release in September.


The Sorceress is one of the funniest classes to play using her massive ability and nuke spells that handles sturdy elemental damage at high levels depending on the type of skill tree you select. 

At level six, she goes through a tough road and becomes highly vulnerable. Until she gets a companion to lessen the load, you will find yourself escaping and throwing potshots at your enemies.

When you play safely at the beginning of the game, use her armor spell and Ice tree containing frost bolt. Their slowing effects give you control over a crowd, and you can snipe Fallen Shamans with the bolt.


The Druid is the best of them all. He can use his auras to buff friends, make elemental damages and transform into gigantic creatures to handle his enemies. There is a lot of flexibility when playing the game at the early stages, and you do not have to miss the chance of transforming into a werewolf. 

When you reach level six, you can choose to transform into a werebear. A wolf is responsive and fast, unlike a bear that is stun, arduous and slow.

The elemental spells of Druid are great but tricky. It will be wise to use this skill tree over the ability of Sorceress to specify elements. The whirlwind defensive skill is also great at opposing elemental damage that you often encounter as you battle more in the game.


Necromancer is the other fun class to play as you can summon armies and pile poison damage. At the beginning of the game, you can summon a skeleton that helps you keep enemies off your back. 

Necromancer has extra hits than the Sorceress, but you won't risk putting him in harm's means. When you use necromancer’s wands, it can give your existing skills some free enhancements or lifesteal if you get lucky.


Amazon is not a fun character at the beginning of the game, but you can use javelin at any range and gain significant elemental attacks. The Amazon skill trees give you the privilege of using bow or javelins. Given you start your game using javelins, that is what you will use in the first few chambers.


You can never go wrong using Barbarian at the start of the game. There are multiple reasons why he appears at the center and front of the character selection screen. He has hard hits, and he is fast and brutal. Barbarian's ability to leap is vast fun and acts as a way to escape a mob, charge into a horde and help you gulp health potion.

One of the reasons to play Barbarian is the ability to use a wide range of weapons. While other classes give you the option of sticking to specific weapons to take advantage of their skills, with Barbarian, you can use any combat weapon you come across.


Paladin races in the Holy Fire, an elemental aura with throbbing effect damage area. This is an excellent class for early levels, but its difficulties scale higher as you increase your levels, and your abilities also advance. 

Before accessing Paladin auras, use Might enhance his damage to make you more efficient at handling early mobs.


The Assassin was included in the expansion of the Lord of Destruction, and it is an excellent class with exceptional agility and speed. When her traps are augmented with other skills, they can handle enormous mobs. At the beginning of the game, she runs and hits things quickly.

One unsatisfying aspect about Assassin is you have to rely on claw weapon drops in the early game to gain Claw Mastery. A burst of Speed is also not a bad skill available in the same skill tree.

Beginner’s Tricks and Tips

As many players__ old and new, are ready to try Diablo 2 resurrected, the video game counts twenty years of existence. There are many beginners’ tricks and tips to help you get acquainted with the remastered great game.

1. Concentrate on Your Build

Diablo 2 resurrected is different from Diablo 3 as you can re-skill and re-spec characters as much as you want. This makes it different from the previous Diablo. You had to restart from level one to remark a character and reset skills.

With the three challenging levels__ normal, Nightmare, and Hell, Akara gives you three skills and stat reset free. You can also make Absolution Tokens by combining special essences, which are rare and expensive after you kill bosses in Hell level. For this reason, you have to be cautious when choosing your character's skills.

All the characters have three varied skill trees. While you can combine the skills, your best builds need to be ultimately focused. For example, if you choose to be a sorceress in the play, you must select either cold, lightning, or fire or mix all three. Mixing these skill trees at the beginning of the game will make your character underpowered when battling with bosses.

Enhance Your Vitality Attribute

Diablo 2 resurrected offers four different attributes to characters: strength, vitality, agility, and energy. You can also get five attributes when you level up, which is relatively rare. All the attributes are essential in the play, but you need to maximize vitality. Having a colossal life pool at Diablo 2 builds is the mainstay except for sorceresses with Energy Shield build.

The weapons and equipment you use at the game need agility and strength to function. Ensure you equip your best gear with enough of both. Agility comes in handy when playing block stat as it enhances your block chance and saves you more points. This shows you can incorporate all attributes with vitality.

Make Best Use of Resistances

How your character resists cold, fire, poison, and lightning determines your survival when moving into Hell and Nightmare complexities. Characters have no resistance to Normal difficulties but can gain it through certain quests and equipment.

Check for your resistances on the screen of your main character below the stats. For example, if you have twenty resistance to poison, your character will have a twenty percent reduction from another elemental poison attack.

Do not rejoice with Normal difficulty resistances. The base numbers dive more profound when you get to more complex difficulties. You can either get a -50 penalty at Nightmare or a -80 penalty at Hell. This shows at the end of the game; you will need +160 resistances to have the ultimate protection. Make use of gears with resistances and ensure to watch for charms of similar nature.

Embrace Gems and Runes

When runes were introduced, they significantly changed Diablo 2. You can use them to create powerful pieces (runewords) in the game. Unless you have enough runewords in your game, you should embrace them as much as possible.

Runes are dropped from monsters and bosses. You can combine low runes in Horadric Cube to get a higher rune..

Diablo 2 resurrected has no endgame, but its nature of generated levels and attacking enemies means one can battle the same bosses repeatedly to gain loot.

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