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EpicToon is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to EpicToon, please check our top-ranked shops here.
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Below, you can find EpicToon reviews written by users. Find out if EpicToon is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover EpicToon delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is EpicToon legit? Is EpicToon safe and reliable?

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Last Update: December 7, 2015

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Founded in 2008 by Blue Bunny Productions, EpicToon is one of the fastest growing faces in the real-money trading industry. With operations running in United States, China and Vanuatu, the site offers genuine 24/7 high quality support. Buyers from English, German, French as well as Spanish-speaking market would find their multi-language support thoroughly helpful. The site also offers discount coupons that both returning and new customers could make use of.

According to the team at EpicToon, their main foundations revolves around fast service, money-back guarantee, competitive pricing, top-notch customer support and the ability to track orders in real-time. In addition to selling in-game gold, EpicToon offers powerleveing services as well as acts as a medium for buying and selling accounts. Customer ratings of the shop is showcased at bizrate with an average feedback of good and several outstanding.

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Review by Becky
I've used this company for a couple of years now with never any issues. I think they are closed now however as I can't get to their website anymore. I've ordered 1 million gold and I have also never had to wait over a day for it (on two different servers) Im super surprised that people have been ripped off as they have been super good to me since day one. Bummer!
Review by Bill S
Epictoon has an "F" with the Better Business Bureau! STAY AWAY! In my opinion epictoon is a fraudulent operation, they take customers' money and run. They took mine and never delivered! They refuse to communicate with you when you complain, no matter how many emails you send to them, how many complaints you make through the epictoon customer service portal, or even after filing a PayPal complaint and leaving several messages there - over a period of a week! Epictoon used to be good, now they are con artists. They are really an overseas operation with people working primarily out of China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia - they think they are impervious to law - US or international. Their business address in Arizona is a front. If you need to complaint or want to know what their US-based, Arizona address is - it's here - Epictoon
C/O Domains by Proxy 14747 N Northsight Blvd Suite 111, PMB 309, Scottsdale, AZ 85260. The BBB complaint portal for them is the Arizona BBB.

Review by Ripped Off
Its been a week since I ordered 80,000 gold. Got 12,750 3 days after I ordered it when I told them I was going to dispute the charge. Absolutely no response or replies from their customer service.

Look at their blog. The last entry was over a year ago. Their Twitter account was last updated over 2 years ago. Yet they have links on the main store page to them. Seems like the company is dying.

Had I known before what I know now I would never do business with this company. Looks like most reviews say similar things. All with the customer getting ripped off in the end. Take your chances with them if you want. I know I won't ever again.
Review by BG
Customer service will not reply to the website contact form, period. I submitted a price match request with BroGame.com seven different times and no one ever replied. Tried the same with the support at epictoon dot com email with same results.

Is anyone even there?

At least they could reply with a no, but to ignore someone is, well, would you like it?
Review by Blueplastic
I tried contacting them multiple times about my order, finally I opened a dispute on paypal and almost immediately after I opened the dispute they put my order on hold, they still refuse to contact me via paypal or their customer service email link. I've emailed multiple times. Do not buy from here, they are horrible, do not communicate and if you dispute the charge on paypal they refuse to deliver, even though the point of a dispute is to dispute the fact that they have not delivered and give them time to correct the issue.

TL;DR: Scammers.
Review by Anthony
Took 72hrs plus to get my gold. Received 3 partial deliveries. Yesterday they said they delivered 10k and I never received it. I later received 20k but I'm still 10k short of having my order completed. They hosed me.
Review by Alex

If I could I would give 0 stars. Trust me I spent $20 and they did not delivered the gold. I even try to contact them but they refuse to respond, and now it is a joke because it says " order delivered" when I didn't get a single gold!

If you feel like wasting money go ahead. Do not trust the people that got paid to say that they got their delivery because its a lie!

Review by DisgruntledCustomer
I've used EpicToon a few times in the past, and their delivery has been prompt before. However, I don't know if it's due to increased bans, or whatnot, but their delivery times have seen a great decline. I waited 5 business days after they had recieved my payment, got an update saying it was taking longer than usual. Then I waited 10 business days and contacted them again, and I received a reply apologizing for failing to provide me the service I purchased, and that they would be giving me a refund. So far, I haven't received my money back, but it hasn't been 48 hours yet.

This service is not a scam, but one should expect delays to happen. They claim it's lightning fast, but the time of delivery is dependent on a -lot- of factors, such as: how much demand there is, what sort of protocols are needed for safe delivery, how actively the host game is able to ban its delivery agents.

So far, I haven't received a definitive timeframe in which their ability to provide service will be resumed, furthermore, I don't like the fact that their only method of contact is by email, which can take up to 48 hours to get a response, sometimes with no response at all. Their customer service needs to reflect the promptness of the service they claim to provide, i.e. live chat, or at least a contact phone number. Had I known beforehand they were lacking in both of these, I would not have bought anything from them. From a business sense, this form of customer support is inadequate and unacceptable.
Review by eddie
Please do not get anything from this site i have had to try and get my money back in paypal.

Disgrace and should not be allowed to even exist.

Never contact you after you pay and try and just keep you're money.
Do not be fooled by there nice site this guys are scammers and vile.
Review by Goobies
I ordered from these guys over a week ago and have yet to receive my order. I have also messaged their so called 24/7 customer service five times now with no response whatsoever. These guys are horrible. If you're reading these reviews, I can only hope you were able to find these before actually making an order.
Review by vee

November 28: ordered 150kg WoW gold
December 10: receive emails that two partial deliveries had been completed for 100,000g and 45,000g. Had two in-game letters with no gold attached telling me to contact an independent gold seller for delivery. I contacted him and he referred me back to epictoon. Said he could not deliver without confirmation from epictoon.
December 10-16: repeatedly attempted to send support tickets to epictoon with no response.
December 16: sent email directly to epictoon with all screenshots, information, etc. attached and still received no response.
December 26: received email for final partial delivery of 5000g, which I DID receive in-game in the mail. Order is marked as complete. Contacted the independent gold seller one more time and he gave me the runaround.

I have screenshots of everything if you want them.

TL;DR ordered 150kg a month ago, received 5000g total with no communication or refund whatsoever.
Review by Rehorkathy
Review by Valkriy
Honestly I wish there was a negative star rating. DO NOT < DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE. It is a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUYER BEWARE. Please use any service BUT this one. You will not get your platinum.
Review by David A
My delivery time are unbearable, and I've NEVER heard back from their completely made up "Live Customer Service". I won't be returning.
Review by Gg
Worst customer service I keep getting the same response. I've waited 48+ hours for my wow gold. They suck
Review by Benjamin
Splendid! I ordered 5K Gold and in just 6 minutes someone from customer service guy called me and mentioned where to go to received it. No doubt about using EpicToon services why it's well-known.
Review by Stanley
Good operators. Quick delivery and I must say it A++ service. The entire process was very smooth. Will surely use them often!! Actually they webpage is easy to navigate and deliver the product sooner when compared to other website, plus the price quite low. I'm a super happy customer!
Review by Roger
Friendly attitude, great company and quick delivery. I have no idea how some people post some negative reviews. But for me this company is GREAT!! Check if they have stock by adding them on Skype. Would surely recommend this place to my friends. Thanks again for the awesome service.
Review by Sam777
I've purchased from them different times and had spent around 200$. Basically they are real cool the people that is, as one of the customer staff member helped me well and had a cool discussion with.
Review by William
You will get the order in about four hours, if you fill out all the details properly! Had purchased at least 5m Fifa coins from EpicToon and did not encounter any problems at all, I was totally satisfied. Plus their customer supports is good and guide you well with all the transactions.
Review by Scott
Fizzled communication. Fail promises. Fall flat no matter how you look at it. "Fast" transforms into 1-24 hours, which then transforms into 24-28 hours, which then transforms into As soon as possible? And that happens only if you badger the customer service for a reply, as a standard reply. Does the company think that we are some fools who will keep waiting! Never choose this company
Review by Paul
Yes it is cheap, but it takes ages before you receive the coins. It's been 3 days already, still not yet received it. Most of those people present on live chat are very unhelpful and rude. Definitely would not recommend this place to purchase those gold coins. In short hate the website and their service!! I have heard that they will trick you out of ITunes cards. NEVER BUY HERE!
Review by Daniel
You request, pay with PayPal, then they compose and request a PhotoID or they won't send the product. And then I tried to talk to the manager and all they want an identity theft card, which they should have mentioned initially. Is this some sort of joke? They won't give the refund or respond on the live chat as well.
Review by Lionel
Do NOT purchase from Epictoon Ever! On 3/15/2015 I paid $15 for a meager 30K WoW gold. Even after one month, I still did not get anything! By the way, I did get an email confirmation however did not get the gold. Sent numerous mails, but no reply! What sort of service is that? One of the staff member assured me that the problem will be fixed and that's it, but nothing happened after that.
Review by Jim
Try not to opt for this store. Long back this store was great, now god knows what happened to its services.
Review by Calistris
Almost 2 months now since my order of only 20k Gold.
At first they replied, after about 2 weeks they said "give us 24 Hours". Still no gold, no refund, and no answer from them.

I would strongly advice to stay away from this site.
seems like they are a bunch of retards.
Review by Frodos
Horrible!!! Stay away. Have not received gold. Its been 6 days almost 7. Communication at the 48 hour mark saying they needed a little more time. Has not communicated since. I have sent 3 requests for refund and have not had any answer or reply back. Now the site does not recognize my order number when trying to check status. STAY AWAY FROM THESE FRAUDS!!!
Review by fisholito01
Have been promised gold for weeks with no delivery. They actually communicated at first, but nothing was ever done. BEWARE!!! Luckily used PP, so i filed a dispute.
Review by xmun2k
First time I ordered from EpicToon my gold was delivered with approx 6 hours. Received by internal game mail. No problems, cheap and efficient.

Second time, promised to deliver by 48 hours. When they failed to do so I tried to contact their customer care and received no reply. I raised a paypal dispute and only then did I get a reply. I was told they were under high demand from my server and the delivery would be delayed. I asked for a refund which I received promptly.
Review by Lexxiee91
Yesterday I was actually thinking to post a reply on this article after googling about EpicToon. Because I thought I got scammed too after reading all these warnings online. But yesterday night after about 32hrs (instead of 12hrs) I received my in-game gold for Guild Wars 2, which was 200g.

It all really depends on the demand of the in-game currency and their stock. I was lucky to get it this soon I guess... But I also sent them an e-mail saturday about 3hrs after actually ordering the gold, saying that I am a little worried and that EpicToon.com is not delivering the customers what they order/pay for (about what I read on the internet) And of course with the question if I was still getting my delivery.

But eventually I did get my order. Though my e-mail never got replied to, to (at least) comfort me as a worried customer. But I have to say I was a little shocked to read all the fraud warnings and scam warnings about EpicToon.com AFTER I payed for my order. :s I just thought hey why not if it's this cheap...

My experience with InGameDelivery.com

Earlier I ordered 50g of Guild Wars 2 gold from InGameDelivery.com and they deliver instantly, they contact you by e-mail to confirm you are the right person. Then you need to contact them by they're live chat (which EpicToon doesn't have) They talk to their gatherers and make sure you get the delivery within 10 minutes.

This website takes a lot better care for their customers, so I'd rather order my gold here next time than from EpicToon.

Below is a screenshot of proof that I got it my currency from EpicToon. But for me they're not thrustworthy enough to order from them again, To be real honest I think customer care is REALLY important. And EpicToon (former IGE.com) does not take as good care of that as other companies.

Just to be clear, I am not some guy working for them or writing a fake testimonial. I came here to share my experience and it's your decision about what you do with this information.


I posted a screenshot in-game where you can see my total gold amount, I just started playing GW2 for 3 weeks ago. And this amount is impossible the earn such a short amount of time.
Review by osker246
I came across this website in hopes of finding a legitimate seller of in-game currency. I decided to give www.epictoon.com a try. It was a complete waste of my time and money; lucky for me I only paid the least amount of currency.

The night I ordered, I received an email prompting me of how to obtain my purchase. The original email stated a delivery time of 30 min to 12 hrs, no problem I thought, I could wait. I email them to let them know I am playing and received a reply within 10 minutes of sending an email saying that it was "noted". Played for three hours and never received any contact from any employee. No problem, I would try again the following night I thought. Next night rolls around and I email them again. Received a reply and played for 5 hours and nothing! I gave it another two days contacting and attempting to complete my order and nothing. I still havent received any reply to my latest emails. Now I am going to have to try and get my money back from paypal.

Buyers beware!! Dont be cheap like me! Go with a better seller like Ingamedelivery; even if its more expensive.
Review by nsan1129
First time buying gold for any MMO in years. Would definitely do business with epictoon again.
Review by allen
Since my friend's referral to this site, I haven't made a purchase until last week. The first experience was great! Customer service was excellent and the delivery on time. Customer service reps are very friendly and helpful. Also prices are good.

What more can I say? Highly recommended! :D

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