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Below, you can find ESO-Gold reviews written by users. Find out if ESO-Gold is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover ESO-Gold delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is ESO-Gold legit? Is ESO-Gold safe and reliable?

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Last Update: May 15, 2017

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By | Leave a Review | Read Customer Reviews offers several different services, including in-game currencies supply and powerleveling, mainly for the Elder Scrolls Online for all available servers from pc to consoles. They also provide MMORPGs services to other popular titles such as Final Fantasy XIV, WildStar, and Aura Kingdom. was established in February 2014 in anticipation for the release of Elder Scrolls Online in April 2014. The website is run by COOLGAME, which has been working with in RMT industry for over nine years. At present, they are currently having more than 200 employees with over 1000 computers in possession. With years of experience, the site is quite popular for powerleveling service. provides several channels for customer support, including a live chat service, email, and two Skype IDs, one for game currency and the other for game accounts. They support several different currencies with current four available payment methods: Paypal, Credit Card, Debit Card, and Western Union.

Product can be mistaken for a site that only sells Elder Scrolls Online gold and power leveling services, but it also dabbles in selling gold for a few other mmorpg games such as ArcheAge, Aura Kingdom, FIFA 14, FIFA 15, Final Fantasy XIV and WildStar. You can also sell to the site the virtual currency you accumulate, as well as accounts, items and equipment.


Want super-low gold prices? Then is your friend. Their 50K Gold for PC North America megaserver is at an impressively cheap $8.71 at the time of the review – beating most other sellers we have come across so far. As for the prices for the other games in its list, these are also competitive. Members can get a VIP discount which help further shave off what you have to pay at checkout.

Shopping and Payment

In terms of presentation value, is one of the slickest-looking sellers that we have come across. It actually looks like a site for the actual game, which should please buyers that want to look at pretty graphics while shopping. One minor caveat to this is the predominantly dark background and white text implemented throughout the site – which can make it a bit more difficult to read the website. Finishing your transaction can be jarring for buyers because instead of the one-page format that shows all the details of your order, you get a pop-up and have to click through multiple screens. Still, all the information is presented clearly, just that the process is done differently compared it other sites. Payment options are fairly small, namely PayPal, credit card, Alipay, Cashu, Onecard, Paysafecard and Western Union.

Speed prides itself in being able to finish deliveries within 5 to 15 minutes, one of the fastest sellers around when they have stock available and your payment clears immediately. Some deliveries can extend to hours, especially on less populated servers where stock could be more limited. Longer delayed deliveries that exceed a day are rare, so you can expect to have your gold before dozing off for the day (or after waking up from your sleep if you order just before bedtime).

Customer Service

Customer service is facilitated mainly through live chat. Agent response can be a bit slow at times, taking up to a minute or more before they even get into the initial chat conversation. Responses as well seem a bit lagged and disjointed, as if the agent did not understand the full question or was assisting other customers during the chat, which further lengthens the conversation. If you are a buyer that wants their queries answered in a fast and accurate manner, then this site might fail to impress you.

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Review by Sam
They messed up my order and refused to send it correctly or refund my money!!!!
Do not order from eso-gold
Review by dan
i ordered gold from them it said 5-30 min its been 2 days i demanded a refund they are ignoring me now so no i am going thru paypal to get my money back, never got in game gold. also awful customer service.
Review by Justin
DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SERVICE. Never received my gold, got the "Wait 24 hours" bit. Still nothing. Asked for a refund, was once again told I would be refunded within 24 hours. 24 hours later, still no refund. After ONCE AGAIN talking to a new agent I was told...(you guessed it!) WAIT 24 HOURS. I told the support agent that it was clear I was not going to get the product I paid for or be refunded so I will be getting my money back through PayPal. The agent immediately disconnected. Do not. I repeat DO NOT buy anything from this group of frauds.
Review by Marc
So far I have waited 6 hours for my delivery and I'm getting the runaround I'm hoping to God I'm not going to get ripped
Review by Trey
Ordered from them and never received my gold and when I contacted them via "live chat" on their website (which was the only way of communication that actually worked) was told repeatedly "wait 24 hrs" finally I had waited long enough and requested a refund only to be told the same thing. After a few days I opened a dispute on PayPal and was ignored there so I was finally able to upgrade the dispute to and claim and was finally given a refund. Terrible communication with this seller and only able to get a refund when PayPal pressures them. I would not recommend this website to anyone it's the worst I've ever dealt with.
Review by BP

1. They violate PayPal terms of agreement by asking for proof of identification. Services such as PayPal are created to avoid such requests in order to protect the personal information of its customers. The real purpose of ESO-Gold's request is unknown so proceed with caution.

2. I have known customers to purchase X amount of gold at X price. When gold was delivered, it wasn't the full amount purchased. ESO-Gold's reason was that "prices changed" -- which is completely illegal,can be considered cyber fraud and is a reportable offense. They will use the "prices changed" excuse when it is in their favor, but not if prices actually drop after the purchase is made.


The site, while aesthetically pleasing, is littered with spelling and grammatical errors. It is obvious that the staff are not native English speakers, which is fine; however, since they conduct operations using English as the language of choice, these errors gives off an impression that they are less legitimate, which is kind of true.


Customer service is exactly as reported in the MMOBUX review. Consider this more of a player-to-player relationship rather than a company-to-customer relationship. They do not adhere to any professional timeline and falsely advertise delivery times. They advertise delivery within minutes, but in actuality I have experienced delivery days later with no compensation. I understand that stock fluctuates, but do not advertise something unless you can meet it.


The company is reliable, but sketchy. They are grossly uninformed in regards to cyber policy and law, and they make questionably ethical decisions that can get them into a lot of trouble. I would consider their services as more of a bartering service rather than a traditional, legal, commercial purchase between company and customer. I would recommend using their services with caution and to not let them bully you. If you have to, report them to PayPal or tell them that you will report them unless services are rendered as promised.

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