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Below, you can find fifavip reviews written by users. Find out if fifavip is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover fifavip delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is fifavip legit? Is fifavip safe and reliable?

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Product is one of the many Fifa coins sellers out there. Even though boasting of providing the lowest price with quick delivery speed, the site received a significantly low trust rate from customers. Many of them even gave a warning to stay away. claimed to have over 4 million customers throughout the year of service with an average of thousand customers every hour.


Costs depend on both platform and the amount of coins you intend to purchase. It seems to be varied based on chosen functions. Although offers a quick buy, its price is surprisingly different than browsing their packages. For example, purchasing 50k Fifa 17 coins for PS4 cost $2.7 but it is $2.48 from a package. The quick order function that only appears on the front page does not have this problem.


Although promises a 100 percent safe delivery with wait times between 5 to 30 minutes, many of customers stated that this is inaccurate. They did not receive their coins for several weeks or at all. In addition, a lot of customers were unable to get a refund or support from this problem.

Shopping and Payment is more complicated than many of its competitors. The visual is not good enough. Purchasing coins is more or less straightforward. The different platforms you can choose from are placed directly at the top of the site with several of their offers shown on the home page. They offer a couple of different payment options such as PayPal, Skrill, VISA, and MasterCard.

Customer Service

The link to's customer service page can be found at the bottom of the site. To get in contact with support, they offer their email address, phone number and skype. Unfortunately, their English is hard to understand. They promise 24/7 support; however, many customer claimed to never receive a response and reported long wait times. They also provide a Live Chat, found from any page on the site.

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Review by faris algharibeh
Very poor service, I do not recommend it at all, they are professional scammer. I have a terrible situation with them, they take my money and refuse to refund it and did not send the coins to me.

I advise do not try this site at all.
Review by Dom shackle
Never received my points account and still waiting......been 2 days
Review by Horton
especially because of one of the nicest service mates :> thumps up!
Review by Garland
The best.. youll hesistant at 1st but its not needed
Review by Quanae
As the title says they delivered in under 2 minutes and explained all my questions 10/10
Review by Wlodea
A+ experience! Will do business again.
Review by Mitchell
Very fast service, after verification, perfect!
Review by Francis
Lowest price and quick service. I will recommend to my friends thank you
Review by Tom F.
Placed an order and got it less than 10 minutes. No annoying confirmation were needed.. Will definetly order from this website again. :)
Review by Mike p.
FIFAVIP is always been the best site, and since they recently got back in the game with their prices, they are awesome! Best site and service to use for gold in game.
Review by Vionele
Was quick and discreet thank you
Review by Ben P.
When I first came to this website, I was very nervous and scared because I never bought anything from this website. I started to chat with a representative and he was very helpful and guided me throughout the whole process. He reassured me and answered my questions about payment methods, their product, etc.
Review by Lncnes
Despite issues with the server, the representative was able to log on and trade my purchase to me. Very friendly customer service. It's my first time making this kind of purchase and it left me impressed.
Review by Lodnea
Responsive customer service team and fantastic, fast service.
Review by Lacbsn
Never having bought fifa I was very nervous and skeptical. I had thought that I was throwing my money away. Needless to say I have become a repeat customer and
Review by Jondneh
Staff is friendly and they really do provide a damn good service. You hit chat, talk to them, it's in your pocket within 10 minutes. Better than the other services where they
Review by Hiwsnea
I recommend FIFAVIP for those who want different methods of getting their gil in their fifa17 instead of waiting for someone to friend you, and all that. It took all of a few minutes for everything to happen. Definitely would try again.
Review by Lojdene
Fast delivery in the past, and friendly service when speaking on live chat.
Review by Oppkem
I was a bit on the fence about this process but was completely blown away by how fast the service was.
Review by Endrix
Thank you so much, you guys make my life in ff16 easier and happier:)
Review by Pokdeme
fast and safe face to face trade DA BEST !!!
Review by Iidemre
The gil that I ordered was delivered within 10 min. Was done discreetly through the marketboard and angelica was very personable and pleasant in the chat. thanks for the service!
Review by Quang
Legit. Fast transaction, the reps are friendly and helpful. I'll recommend the site to all gamers. Pei Ching has helped me a lot with all of my questions regarding their offers and the games that are affiliated with them. thumbs up!
Review by Sillened
I thought the coin site is good but had o wait a couple of days for the money and contacted the owner
Review by Iudhee
Delivery speed is very fast. The Do not know the local customer service is also patiently answered.
Review by Qeiirfr
Product is very good oh perfect! Customer service is very good when I met do not know how to explain very patient
Review by Hollehde
Activation is very fast, the game experience is also very good, very strong sense of reality. Also in Xi'an to help solve many problems, very good service
Review by Zirdned
It wasn't immediately obvious where SEAGM left my gift card codes after buying, but that only cost me about 10 seconds to figure out. There was no waiting other than that, and I was happy to see MMOVIP support so many payment options. And with 'many' I mean more than I can count without getting bored.
Review by Bruus
Bought fifa points account from them and the card code was delivered in less than a minute. Was amazed. Great stuff. Will definitely come back again.
Review by Kurniawan
Just bought some FIFA16 coins here. Made a small mistake with the player information, but the LiveChat helped me and i got my coins.
Love this site!
Review by Aopoeke
This was my first time and it was great
Review by Olycuit
So cheap Fifa 17 Coins website how could I miss it! ! And reputable website, fast delivery and 100% guarantee.
Review by Teng
I was very iffy about trying a gold purchasing site. After my experience just now, I won't look for any other site! I accidentally made the purchase for gold not knowing I would have to leave momentarily. To solve the problem, all I needed to do was hop onto the live chat and tell them the situation and I had someone waiting for me to deliver my gold when I was able to log back on. Overall great experience!
Review by Gabbard
These guys totally rocked it again. Polite, fast delivery no issues. Glad i came back!
Review by Plohn
Bought coins from Fifa 16 to Fifa 17 and never disappointing , Nice site, wish you the best !
Review by Peter
I am very happy to find such a cheap fifa coins website. Reliable and great fifa coins seller.
Review by Kone F.
The owner is very good, service is very attentive, absolutely praise.I will buy fifa coins here again.
Review by Taerw
really answers all my questions in Live Chat ,, and they are honest and deliver the items in really matter of 2 min or less .. just matter or login time

and I really appreciate this service and recommend it
Review by Oimmde
I have used FIFVIP for years for my gold farming needs.
Review by Cruden
I've played a lot of FIFA and bought a lot of gold, but FIFAVIP is the most professional service I have ever used. They don't spam you in game, they don't rip you off, and you get your currency within a few minutes. I've never had to wait longer than 5 minutes to receive my gil.
Review by Iided
Service is fast and quick and my orders come when I need them to!
Review by Labrrey
Excellent service with fast delivery! Discreet and quiet! Have used this service once before and was very happy with them then as well!
Review by Slinane
My order arrived within minutes despite me specifying a rather complicated delivery method and I was able to adjust the delivery process on the fly with fifavip's live customer support. Great customer service, fair prices and quick delivery - I don't know what else one could ask for.
Review by Davile
Very fast, reliable service. Definitely trustworthy and friendly. I would recommend buying here.
Review by Jeaned
Always to choose this store for my coins and points, the account is so cheap and reliable. thanks again.
Review by Honye
* coins delivered within few hours
* Only downside was they kept asking for account info which was in the original order
* Overall Excellent prices beating all others
Review by Uierrtd
Good communication, super fast delivery keeps me coming back. :)
Review by Garland
Have tried this site, bought 20k fifa 17 coins and get it in 15 mins. And fifa 17 price is cheaper,i'll be sure to come back again
Review by Ritchie
This company is truly awesome!! There rep online service was very helpful and patient with me. It took a little while to understand some things but she walked me through the process and made things easy. Great staff and a great service. Will definitely use this company again
Review by McGee
Very good prices but they take so quick to deliver your coins
Review by Rife A.
I ordered points for FIFVIP and the service was other words very fast. The points was in my account the next morning. I spoke to someone real time on their help line to confirm order details and the service was timely and polite
Review by Chuely W
I GOT THE CHEAP FIFA Mobile Coins ON this site, so nice
Review by Kris Y.
I have been very familiar with FIFAVIP after frequent buying on this site for the cheap price and humanized service. They do have good reputation and will not cheat on the customers. Although there was one time when my PS4 points got delayed, and I waited for 2 more hours....
Review by Matthew
Fast and cheap, I love it very much indeed :D
Review by Robi
Quick and easy, no hassle. Will definitely be back!
Review by Sanchez
It was awesome
Review by Rudolph
It was quick and easy great experience overall
Review by Cedric
Great prices, only suggestion is to try to get the coins faster
Review by Keiser
Really quick and easy to get coins. I just had to send so many pics.
Review by Bennie
I ordered a Fifa Points account with 5350 points. It took about three hours, but I got an account with a customer service discussion and said it would take a while to reply. Honestly, when 2 hours have passed, I began to worry and check the site, but fortunately, after an hour I got, is still very good, this is reliable
Review by Stilson
Thank you man appreciate it I will be buying from you guys more ofter
Review by Joseph
The price is relatively cheap, the game is great, has been playing for nearly a week ~
Review by Kaufmann
Very nice with FIFAVIP. Placed my first order with FIFAVIP for 30 K Wars 2 POINT just to make sure it was good. They impressed me with quick delivery. Ever since they have earned my trust and I believe I have since bought over 1000 point from them.
Review by Kaspar
I bought over 400 k in coins. I got them very fast and efficiently. I do not have any complaints with Fifa Coins. This is the place to for cheap coins.
Review by Collier
Fifavip is 100% wonderful to work with and really made my day after being conned by the other company I was trying to work with. They were very fast and reliable and I spoke to an actual person, not an automated response bot! I would recommend this company to friends.
Review by Micheal
I have playing Fifa's for several years now. I have checked out the whole "Buy coins" sites and have found that even though they say you get a % free, they charge an insane fee and make you wait 24 to 72 hours. fifavip, sent my credits within 40 minutes. They make sure that your character is the one you want to send it to, as in, they double check to make sure everything is right. They text if there is an issue.
I would totally recommend this service for all of your "ingame money" needs.
Review by James S. Hemming
I bought two 4000k mule accounts and received them. I had a problem with one as i put in the wrong email address but they quickly resolved the issue. I received the accounts very quickly and will definitely use this site again.

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