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IGXE is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to IGXE, please check our top-ranked shops here.
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Website: http://www.igxe.com/
Telephone: 1-(650)-461-9387
Country: United States
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: Money Order/Check PayPal
Alexa rank: 808,794

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Below, you can find IGXE reviews written by users. Find out if IGXE is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover IGXE delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is IGXE legit? Is IGXE safe and reliable?

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Last Update: December 15, 2019

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IGXE is another well known virtual currency seller in the market. The company was established in 2001 withcorporations in the US, Hong Kong and later expanded to China. The website has been online since 2003. The company operates two websites, igxe.com and igxe.com.cn each tailored to service customers in the US and China respectively. Later in 2006, IGXE acquired another currency seller in China, overseagame.com, and consolidated it under the Igxe China operation.

The main website igxe.com ranks in Alexa website ranking at 126,672. The company gradually grew and peaked around the end of 2005. The growth dropped and stabled down during 2006 and became steady.

Customers have mixed opinions when it comes to IGXE: Mmorpg service review gave them a bronze award. Verigame gave it slightly lower rating because of the experienced broken english and misinformation.

IGXE has provided an exclusive coupon code. The code is IGXEGAFS61155, with this code you can get 8% bonus for any game gold purchase about $80 and above.And there's no time limit.

Products. One of the more established and longer-running sellers on the market, IGXE.com specializes in supplying gamers with virtual currency for a handful of top-tier mmo games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Final Fantasy 14, Final Fantasy 11, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge, The Elder Scrolls Online, FIFA 16 and FIFA 15.

Price. IGXE has reasonably priced virtual currency, but there are better sellers for customers for which price is the main consideration. Still, IGXE prices can be viewed as attractive when factoring in the trusted brand and long track record as a seller. The site runs a membership reward program that gives cash back, with power users that spend thousands of dollars on orders getting the significant 8-10% return rate. There are occasional discounts and promos, but these are not heavily advertised.

Speed. The site itself boasts of �instant delivery� for virtual currency but many an experienced customer will know this to be a slight exaggeration. Where IGXE does shine is in being able to communicate with customers on when exactly deliveries will be made, or at least provide an assuring time frame in which orders can be fulfilled. Expect most deliveries to be made within an hour or so, but very larger orders can take up to 24 hours, which is par for the course in the industry these days.

Shopping and Payment. Payment options are respectably varied, including major credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club and American Express as well as online fund transfers from PayPal, Skrill amd Western Union. A great thing about IGXE is that it explains the guidelines for each option so customers can choose one the most appropriate one based on their country of origin or desired transaction speed (PayPal, Skrill and Paysafecard are recommended for quicker payment and deliveries.) It also offers a gift card that can be sent to friends, and then be redeemed at the website to purchase virtual currency.

Customer Service. Like virtually all other sllers, IGXE has set up a 24/7 live chat where customers can follow up on orders or inquire about other concerns. The quality of English is excellent, which is to be expected from a seller that has long been servicing the Western markets, but there was quite a lack of eagerness to please � a fact that can be offputting for some customers and appealing for others.

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Review by RitaMa951
XEvil 5.0 automatically solve most kind of captchas,
Including such type of captchas: ReCaptcha-2, ReCaptcha-3, Hotmail (Microsoft), Google, Solve Media, BitcoinFaucet, Steam, +12000
+ hCaptcha supported in new XEvil 6.0! Just search for XEvil 6.0 in YouTube

Interested? Just google XEvil 6.0
P.S. Free XEvil Demo is available !

Also, there is a huge discount available for purchase until 20th June: -30%!


Check new video in YouTube:
"XEvil 6.0 [Beta-1] + XRumer multhithreading hCaptcha test"
Review by Chris
They do not deliver any product whatsoever. They will not respond to any attempt to contact them. They suck more or less. I ordered SWTOR credits and received nothing and no help.
Review by MMORPG-Leveling.com
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Review by Stephen Mynett
I needed a version of Windows for a course I am doing but did not want to pay the full price for something I would rarely use - I am a Linux user.
IGXE supplied me with a very cheap, less than 8GBP, version of Windows 7 which installed and worked with no problems in a virtual machine.
Review by Onni
Good experience for me as always! Deliver always within few minutes, and no problems with payment whatsoever. Plus they do not charge high transaction fee like other competing site.
Review by Dan
Great, order told to be 5-10 minutes on the website. Gamekeys received in my mailbox before I load my mailbox !
Review by EvilBolzen
Price was good, even lower than steam sale price.

Delivery was nearly instant, key worked flawlessly.
Never had any problem with igxe so far, definitly going to order here again
Review by lvan jesey
Perfect. Was half expecting it to be dodgy, had used for FIFA coins before so changed it. Code was emailed to me in less than 2 mins and I've not stopped playing since.
Review by Todd
DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM THEY DON'T HONOR PRICE/QUANTITY!!!!! I paid for 60000K and then they said they couldn't deliver it because of supply/demand changes. (Game patch the next day and the price shot way up). So in short, they didn't deliver 20000K of what I had initially paid for.
Review by Cheapowerleveling
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Review by ESO-Power-leveling
ESO-Power-leveling.com provide Cheap ESO Power leveling. The Best Place for you to Buy The Elder Scrolls Powerleveling and ESO powe rleveling in mmorpg The Elder Scrolls Online game. All hot ESO Power Leveling here is safe and fast. Love our hand-made power level service.
Review by M.H.
Just bought 10kk in FFXI and not even after 20 min someone messages me ingame the location i had to go.
Went there, he bought the item from my bazar and done, no problem at all.

First i wanted to buy 25kk but after all the bad comments i read here i wanted to start smaller.

Can only recommend this site and will probably use it again.
Review by Ashley Gloom
I actually wanted to rate IGXE 2 stars but my phone wouldn't let me.

I had used this website before for TERA to buy gold and they delivered real quick. I thougjt tje price was decent too. So I decided to try them again for Riders of Icarus. Bad idea. I bought 800 gold for $11.05 and it took them 40 hours to deliver it! I contacted them after 24 hours a couple times and they kept telling me to wait. After 30 hours I demanded a refund. 40 hours later they replied stating they made the delivery already. Don't use these people to buy gold. MMOK is actually cheaper, they deliver faster, and you get more gold for your money! Wish I would have just went with them again.
Review by A R
I had to give at least one star, but if I had the choice I wouldn't give them even that.

I ordered GW2 gold from them. After a few days and no delivery, I started talking to them on live chat. Must have been 9 or so times in total, because they kept promising 2-3 and 4-5 hour windows for delivery. Every single time, their supplier was either "asleep" or not responding. Also, they kept trying to persuade me to accept items instead of the gold I ordered, because it was easier for them. They kept insisting on this everytime, even though I had refused several times via chat and email. One of those times they even made me wait in game for 2 hours and then came back and said, sorry, we can't deliver now, later. It got to the point that I made them write their promises down and email them to me, so I would have them in written form. They broke each and every one! Also, everytime I chatted to them, they said "give us a chance for the last time"! I even finally agreed to the item instead of gold thing, because I was so sick and tired of the whole thing and wanted it to be over. In the end, after one week, they said they couldn't deliver because they didn't have anything in stock. After wasting my time for so long, they just offered me a refund and a discount link for later, as if I would go near their website ever again.

Do not trust these people with your money!
Review by Amy
I bought the gold last week and they deliver fast ,good service !
Review by ryan
rubbish! they let me spend £20 on here, only to when i had payed to find they had no stock! On the live chat they told me it would take 3-5 days to get the refund, it only takes 5 minutes at the most! i contacted live chat 5 times, in the end the said this refund was 'urgent' so i would be able to get within the next hour, weird how they said 3-5 days to 1 hour, whilst the 4 other times they just ended the chat after 5 minutes of talking, and there english isnt very good. terrible site to buy coins off.
Review by bryanbennett
I waited 6 hours total to get my purchase. They had me stand in one spot for 3 hours. Finally when i had to go do something they call and say that their ready. When I got back, they called me again and I again waited 3 hours for the guy to show. I will NEVER use this place again. They are so disrespectful of your time.
Review by bryanbennett
I waited 6 hours total to get my purchase. They had me stand in one spot for 3 hours. Finally when i had to go do something they call and say that their ready. When I got back, they called me again and I again waited 3 hours for the guy to show. I will NEVER use this place again. They are so disrespectful of your time.
Review by Lisa Wang
I bought some ESO gold on this website, and they delivered it in time. I also get a discount to save 5% off. Nice shop and I will buy again on their website.
Review by riccochet
This review was almost 3 weeks in the making. As i'm going through my purchase for in game gold for TERA online, they have a couple delivery options. Having had issues with some of these purchases over the years, i select in game face to face delivery. Don't be fooled, this is obviously just some form of template they got from the MMO Gold Farmers fan site kit. So i made the purchase, and i get the standard "so sorries, we are unable to complete stock for you" kind of crap. I think to myself "thats fine, i can be patient". A week goes by, and then by miracles, they message me to say they have stock, sign in and let them know i'm online to do the exchange. I sign on... i email them... i try to do their "live chat" option, which just apparently has a countdown clock to let you know you're making some sort of progress in the queue. As i'm waiting, i get the email "we no longer have stock, you will have to wait until we get more". I am not exactly pleased but i try to be understanding. 2 weeks later i decide to contact them to see whats up. They say they already made the delivery. I says "pardon?". They email me a video of them sending me the currency through the in game mail and proclaim "see! we did it!".
So at this point. I've had it. I was online in the game every day, there was no mail from them. Obviously it was intercepted and blocked, which i'm sure some GM is sitting there going, "hmmmmmm... 40k+ gold from a level 1 character named 'sdfljjlh' to another character... thats not suspicious!".
I contact them again to say they never followed any of my instructions for a face to face meeting. After more colorful conversation they say they are going to give me my gold face to face. I am appreciative since it finally seems like i might not be just throwing away my money into a woodchipper.
Get another message that says "hey, let us know when you're online!" I sign in, let them know... no response... wait for an hour... nothing. I finally sign off and a couple hours later get a message, "sorry, our seller is not online right now". I get that nagging feeling in the back of mind saying "i think i've been here before..." but i give it another day or so... letting them know when i'm online... getting no response.
Finally, a day or two later i get an email saying "we've completed delivery! seeya!".
Check my mail in game... nothing. At this point i'm just pissed. They say again "we sent you video of us sending you gold! we win!". Then i gave up... and cried a little... not a lot... pretty manly tears to be honest.
So to summarize, they are morons, they can't read, and they steal your money. You may have had one or 2 good experiences with them, but trust me, its only a matter of time before they steal from you.
Review by gardenia
never use this web before since i found one coupon from anycode: http://www.anycodes.com/merchant-IGXE-coupons-deals-7953.html
Then i picked one 8%code ( IGXECODE65685 )to pay the order 2003624 total 77 bucks about swtor credits. Then i get more 8% .amzing
They delivery is fast and i got the credits less then one hour in mail box of game.
Review by marinemike
Since I purchased some gold from this website for Guildwars 2, I have had 3 suspicious login attempts from China, on my email account. Could be a coincidence, but kinda fishy to me. Needless to say I won't be using them any longer.
Review by fctech
Bought the minimum amount of gold from these guys. Live Chat after 5 hours, again after 12 and again after over 19 hours. Each time asking for more time. After almost 1 day I didn't want to wait anymore but to have refund. They offered me more gold instead.

"if you cant get the original amount HOW can you offer extra? No not acceptable"

Then they offered a voucher

"a voucher is as good as nothing especially when you cant deliver anything to me."

So whether they have fell on hard times in getting gold IDK but they were the slowest and 1st time I ever had to cancel a transaction. We will see how long a refund takes
Review by rankyga
with the coming of the mist of pandaria, i could not even find a 10% bonus for wow gold execpt this:
difficult to search.
Review by JessicaMartha
I have bought Diablo III about two days, but haven't received it untill now, and couldn't contact with the service. I want to get my money back.
Review by krokus
I bought 300 K Diablo 3 gold only for $19 from igxe. The service was incredibly awesome and fast. I received my diablo 3 gold less than 15 minutes. The service was reassuring and the support team was incredibly helpful and informative. I will definitely recommend this site to my friends. And they give me a 6% coupon: IGXEPPSD64261 to get free more gold. And it can be used all games. Aha, that's really useful for me and I will always come back for further purchases.
Review by Alexander
Have bought from them many times, including runesape gps up to 500 mil and many world of Warcraft gold. Was never banned. Good service and helpful support from alexndra swift from the customer service section. got my order with 10 minutes. One of the cheapest out there even when comparing to player auction.I always use this 8% coupon code: IGXEREHT59692 to get more free gold. Very happy with them.
Review by lojzek992
Hello if u wanna get alz in 2min,its cheap and safe add skype lojzek992 (20€ per B) paypal.
Review by Graft
I ordered currency from them and there was a mixup in the order. They sent an item in an in-game mail, to make the order look like a normal mail, but forgot to add the currency with it.

Took a bit of time to connvey this to them. Was hung up on by their live chat 4 times before they realized that I was not going away. Finally, they actually looked into the matter and found their mistake and completed the order.

So honest mistake, these things happen. Important thing is that they completed the order as agreed on and I got my coin. So they are legit but not the easiest to deal with.
Review by Jessica
IGXE is really a very good website. I purchase some items for my guildwars, and it was so fast. Only cost me about 10 minutes. The live chat is so helpful and polite. This is the best service I had. I think you guys should shop your gold and items here. i will be back here and do a long business with them.
Review by growcode
I never received the product I ordered, was handed a dozen different "reasons" why it was taking so long, and refused any kind of refund. I spoke with a sales agent, who was *extremely* friendly, before and during the order placement. I asked her specifically to double check that the item was in stock, and offer me an ETA. She said it was in stock, and could likely be delivered in 40 minutes. Sounds great! So, I placed the order on the spot, without leaving the chat, and she "verified and approved" the order immediately (whatever that means). I left the chat feeling great about this company, and their services. And that was the last positive thing that happened in this interaction. An hour later, I checked back to see if there were any issues with the order that were causing the minor delays, to which all the sales agent would say is "you've already been approved, there's nothing more we can do". The website promises delivery within 24 hours, so I waited patiently, assuming the original ETA was a simple underestimation. A day later, when checking in, I was informed that the item is *not* in stock, and they have no idea when it will be. Naturally, I asked for a refund, and was promptly denied. I waited another day, and repeated the process, only the customer service agent gave me a different reason (something to the effect of "the supplier is offline at this time"). So I sent an email to their "manager", the only one who can issue a refund, and received no reply. Today, I returned to Live Chat just to see if anyone knows anything about my order, and all they could do was apologize and suggest I continue to email the manager until he responds. Well, that's just a horrible way to run a business (spam the manager, maybe someday he'll decide to help you!), so I proceeded to file a BBB complaint, and I'm still waiting for the outcome. Oh, and that's not to mention the 3 times customer service "hung up" on me as soon as I revealed I was an existing customer, rather than a prospective sale. And the 5 or so times that I waited hours just to get no response whatsoever. Or Friday night when the agent responded to me with "My shift is over, the next person should be here in about 15 minutes". All in all, a horrible experience, from what I now perceive to be a horrible company.
Review by jarodcore
Some of you are either lying or just had a bad experience. I ordered 30K Gold for WOW from IGXE. Of course afterwards I read all these reviews and I was scared I just lost $30 but it literally took 15 minutes and it was delivered.

Now, I will say, they recommend the auction route, which I took, and they didn't even bother with that. They just sent me a group invite and made me meet them. Regardless it was quick and painless.

I did this on a saturday around 12:30 EST. Maybe that makes a difference?

I had a great experience with them. Sorry for those that didn't.
Review by kimi0126
I ordered from these people and they wanted my passport or government issued id. I tried to cancel, but got the run around. Two days later they delivered partial order and I got a Code of Conduct Violation. My toon got rolled back 5 days, so much progress was lost. Then the remainder of order was sent, after emailing them to cancel the rest, and I got perm banned.
Never again!
Review by Spike
My IGXE purchases seemed to trigger a security review by Paypal which was not great. I was not expecting calls from IGXE which came in the middle of the night and could easily have woken up me or my family. The calls were on totally, totally inaudible Voip lines. Why was the call necessary? Nothing about that was explained before hand. And then the actual delivery of the items - the website said they would be delivered by Contract, but instead they wanted them to be delivered in game in real time. And they said I should contact them in game, but they provided no in game contact details, and though I provided my in game contact details, they didn't contact me in game. Confusion! In the end it all fell apart, due to Paypal security investigation, which I GUESS is not IGXE's fault. They do try hard to work everything out but without success. I just hope I get my game cash, or my real cash back, soon!
Review by Jojo
I have actually purchased gold from IGXE a few times for WoW. The service has varied, with them telling me they didn't have enough gold when I met them in-game, and another few times when it was really smooth and I got my gold in 2 hours.

I recently tried to engage their powerleveling service from 1 to 60, and this was what I encountered:
- First suspension within 24 hours. Email from Blizz saying that they suspected unauthorized access to my account. Fine, maybe Blizz's IP detection caught them out. I asked IGXE whether they were confident of proceeding without getting me banned. They Ho-ed and Hum-ed a bit, but i figured I'd get at least 1 more warning before a perm-ban

- It wasn't long before I recieved my second warning from Blizz. This time, it was for exploiting of the WoW economy. It was a final warning and came with a 72hr suspension.

I have no idea what they were doing to warrant the economy exploiting warning, but it was the last straw for me. At the time, the Power-leveled toon had only reached its mid-30s. IGXE offered to refund me gold if I decided to discontinue the PL service. They also said that they were unable to guarantee my account would not be banned. In the event that it was banned, they refused to commit to any compensation.

I took up the offer after thinking about it, even though the compensation was rather weak.

TlDR: buying gold seems ok, but don't let them do your PL.

[Edited on 2/2/2009 by Jojo]
Review by Exodus
Decent amount of time processing order. Gold purchased was always delivered as promised. Would order from again.