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Below, you can find LOLGA reviews written by users. Find out if LOLGA is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover LOLGA delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is LOLGA legit? Is LOLGA safe and reliable?

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Last Update: January 1, 1970

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While some virtual currency shops try to cast a wide net by selling currency for dozens of games, LOLGA focuses on selling currency and power leveling services for only the hottest games. While they only have 11 games in their catalog, LOLGA has something to offer everyone; for example, sports fans can buy currency for games such as Madden and FIFA while role-playing aficionados can purchase currency for games such as Final Fantasy XIV and Runescape. In addition to powerleveling and virtual currency, LOLGA also sells items for both Final Fantasy XI and XIV, including crafting items, pets and mounts.


LOLGA is a good source of virtual currency at low prices; by focusing on only a few games, they can ensure they are offering good prices on the Internet. For example, their prices for Final Fantasy XIV gil are usually 5 percent lower than the average market price. LOLGA does not have a loyalty program, instead opting to offer the lowest prices they can to their entire customer base.


The site claims that 85 percent of all customers receive their orders in 30 minutes, with the other 15 percent taking upwards of three hours or more based on the amount of order. LOLGA claims high delivery times are due to errors outside of their control, such as the customer not responding to a request for documents, a problem with the payment system used or the automated delivery system failing to find a player.

Shopping and Payment

The LOLGA site runs great on both PC and mobile devices, eschewing large graphics or videos for colorful images that load quickly on any device. While there is no quick buy option, most gamers will find it easy to navigate the website and place an order. LOLGA supports over a dozen payment methods, including PayPal, SOFORT and Western Union; however, what might turn some customers off is that LOLGA calls its customers to confirm orders before processing them. In addition to calling, LOLGA also requires proof of identification and may even ask you to verify your credit card information.

Customer Service

There are only two ways to contact a LOLGA customer service representative: through a live chat option on their website or email. The good news is that the live chat service is available 24/7, with customer service representatives answering questions in under two minutes. While it can take longer to receive a response via email, LOLGA encourages its customers to use the live chat option if they are looking for speedy assistance.

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Review by hank
fast delivery!
Review by homelody
Homelody-shop ist ein deutscher Hersteller von Badprodukten, der sich der Bereitstellung hochwertiger Badprodukte verschrieben hat, darunter Küchenarmaturen, Badarmaturen, Badduschsysteme und Duschköpfe für Badzubehör.
Review by Hector
Beware Scammers!!!!
Review by Josh
Bought from them many times, failed to receive items, refused refund and horrible customer service
Review by Aaron
Very fast and legit trades. However, i got hacked 5 mins after and lost everything so im $100 down and my inventory has been wiped. Sick.
Review by Ry
MMOBux says that there's no live help, but there is a live chat option (maybe they recently updated the site).

I have yet to have any real issues with the company. The only problem I have is with communication when I use the chat, although I guess that's to be expected with all Non-US companies
Review by Jordan
I left a comment earlier saying how bad this website was, but found out through email that it was taking so long, because of some of the items I had ordered. I got all of my items the next day and was very pleased with everything. I feel bad for saying bad this about this website. My brother placed an order today and got it within 10 min. I was just very Impatient. This website will get you your items fast, if they are default color items and not colored items.
Review by Jordan
I place an order for 6 Rocket League items and more than 6 hrs and still never got my items. I am asking for a refund. This is not a reliable website and is probably just a scam. I would give this website negative stars if I could. I tried contacting they responded to my first email, but not my other 6 emails.
Review by Jordan
I paid $30 for madden mobile coins. I was told the transaction would take no more than 4 hours to complete. After 6 hours I contacted support about the issue. They told me the person authorized to solve my problem would be back in 24 hours.

24 hours later i hasn't been contacted. I contacted the same person who told me it would be another 12 hours. Frustrated, I waited another 12 hours, only to be told to wait another 24. Instead I contacted PayPal and got my money refunded immediately.

My first 2 incidents with lolga went incident free, but my 3rd was enough that I'll never do business with them again
Review by Gavin Wheeler
Ordered 2 items off them, when they found out the items where more expensive they told me i couldn't have them until i paid more and, stupidly i went back to get more item was told i need ID to order off my account then said refund in 24 hours because they couldnt me arsed to talk (linda needs to do her job and show some good customer service)
Review by Anthony
I spend 50 dollars to buy 33 keys and 33 crates l. I don't get messaged for 3 hours and when they finally message me they say I need id because I spent 50 bucks on rocket league items. When your 15 you are not going to have much id so they made me wait all that time and now they say I will have to wait 24 hours for a refund when I just wanted to open crates on double painted weekend. I don't understand why they won't take money that I have them
Review by Jason
Terrible customer service. Seems like a they have an unintelligent teenager answering the live chat. Ordered four items and they wanted me to send them a picture of my drivers license. This has scam written all over it. Stay away.
Review by John
Great site .
I sell them my in game items.
Prices are fair and fast payment.
Email is efficient way to talk to them.
Review by Jack is an online coin website that includes a professional service team that undertakes to deliver the product within fifteen minutes to get the order at the best price, worth recommending
Review by fifacoinslol
LOLGA have professional service team, They guarantee that they will finish goods delivery in 15 minutes.So you can buy any Coins quickly.And 100% Safety!
Review by Jerry
LOLGA game coin type, very cheap price with huge gifts, 100% security guarantee and order tracking and fastest delivery system worth recommending!
Review by aliceonlinegame
The best part of buying NBA live coins from is that you get 24 x 7 service along with fastest delivery at lowest prices.
Review by fifafifa
This site, fast professional delivery, safe, very pleasant to a shopping
Review by Crack
I'm not sure where your troubles are arising, but every time I've ordered nba live mobile coins or madden coins (And have asked whether they had it in stock or not!), customer service took no more than 20 minutes to assign a contract and get me my currency.

This makes LOLGA not only the fastest provider (no unnecessary phonecalls after the payment has already been confirmed -- not to mention asking my creditcard details after I paid through moneybookers... wtf?), but also the most reliable. (And their customer service is fantastic, too.)

Perhaps you people should actually think and ask whether the gold can be delivered before whining they CAN'T deliver it. Every time I've made a payment I got the gold within half an hour, and if you even tried to be a decent consumer, so would you.
Review by John
They are scammers. They want you to wait 4 to 6 hrs for the digital putchase so they can get the money to there bank acct. they will tell you 5 minutes but you never see it. Do not buy from them if you dont want your money put to sleep
Review by Jeff
This service is trash and will get you banned from the auction house. Investigation coming soon.
Review by net
I bought, I feel very good customer service.

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