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Website: http://www.oforu.com/
Telephone: +1-518-618-3515
Owner: Zhang Tong
Street address: zhou shan shi ding hai chang guo lu
92hao ZhouShan 316000 ZJ
Country: China
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: MasterCard PayPal Visa Card Western Union

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Below, you can find OFORU reviews written by users. Find out if OFORU is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover OFORU delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is OFORU legit? Is OFORU safe and reliable?

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Last Update: June 20, 2008

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Oforu is a virtual currency seller and game service provider headquartered in China, operating from Shanghai and Zhoushan offices. The company is relatively new as it was established not long ago in 2004. Despite being a new comer to the industry, the company promised the cheapest price and quickly earned popularity from customers. Oforu grew and changed their proposition to quality customer service as promoted on the front page of the website with the "Outstanding customer service" Bizrate tag. Not until recently that the company started to fall short on keeping up its promises. Other sister sites include Eing.com and Mygamestock.com.

The website got a boost in traffic at the end of 2005 according to Alexa website traffic record. Currently, it is sitting at the traffic rank of 91,405 and moving upwards on daily basis with visitors mainly from the US and Malaysia. While IGE is plummeting, it still ranks highly at 29,366.

As for what customers have to say, there are probably happy customers out there but many of them are complaining. Complaints are mostly concerned with their customer services and deliveries. The common concern is the customer services provided by English speaking Chinese. A customer complains through Complaintsboard.com about non delivery of Linden Dollars. More reliable source of feedbacks can be found at Bizrate where customers are sent for the store survey at the end of their transactions.

As at August 9, 2007

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Review by Esther
This company is awful.
Review by cyberomega
Hi there,

I bought some gold from these guys, I have done before with no problems before except delays.

This time when I got the whisper to come to Ratchet I did, their agent traded me part of the amount. When I asked when the rest would be available she told me to wait. So our toons are standing there in Ratchet scratching their respective butts.

A short while later she told me to give the the part payment back, so she could get a screenshot of the full amount in the trade window for documentation for her manager. At least that's what I inferred as english isn't their first language.

Since it was the exact same character that handed me the gold in the first place I only had very minor reservations.

Once I handed it back they promptly logged out. Uh oh.

6 Live chat discussions and 2 days later still not gold. First I had to wait 5 hours, then another 6 hours, then another 4 and now 9 days apparently before they'll be able to straighten it out.

Needless to say I raised a paypal dispute. Don't know how that will go yet.

So please avoid oforu.com. And beware, a lot of the other google results are run by the same people, if you try the voucher code jon10 and it adds 10% G, then that the same company. Don't do business with 'em.

All the best chaps.
Review by dankus5303
Dont buy from this seller...OforU cheated me out of $28.80 and 500 Million isk. After 2 hours on their "live" chat they wouldnt refund my money or give me my isk. DONT BUY FROM THIS SELLER !!!!!
Review by nintenzo
I bought the powerleveling service lvl 70-80 and after the 6th day wow reset my password saying that others had signed in on my acount (if your logging into an account between different regions you need to wait 2-3 hours so that account X doesn't get flagged) they don't care who knows what they are doing. When round a friends house my account was on and in Ogrimmar all of sudden I see my character doing shout outs advertising OforU AND ssegames.com...

sure enough the next day my account was suspended for 72 hours for 3rd party services.

if your still looking for a 100% service you may end up paying an extra $10 here and there but wowmine.com but things properly!
Review by brutalmage
I bought Gold from this site recently, got in 10 min, no problems. I have done this several times now. I think in past post with the guy calling them s&^%, they prob bought power leveling there, and you have to give your name and password for your Character in the game, which is strictly objected by the game itself, plus the fact he pissed them off, I may have done the same thing. LOL! The way you act to people is usualy what you get in return.
Review by Riceplz
I placed an Order with Oforu. I didn't like the time it was taking, so I jumped on their "live" help to ask for a refund. They refused me a refund. After arguing with them for approximately 45 minutes, I said "Just give me what I ordered right now and we'll call it even."

I assumed they had agreed.

When I woke up, my account password was changed, and everything in all my characters banks that were able to be sold are gone. Also, their live help is now mysteriously offline, and their phone number is fake to begin with.

These people are lower than shit.

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