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Livehelp: Skype ID: gamehelp365
Alexa rank: 1,641,853

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Below, you can find R4PG reviews written by users. Find out if R4PG is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover R4PG delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is R4PG legit? Is R4PG safe and reliable?

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Last Update: January 20, 2017

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R4PG Gamer Mall is a fast-growing and high-quality seller of power leveling, items, and in-game currency for most of the popular MMORPGs out there. Though officially established in just 2014, the company has grown in leaps and bounds in a very short amount of time, becoming a primary reseller for over 30 games, especially Maplestory, FFXIV, Blade and Soul, and Trove. R4PG is especially popular in the United States, where its Alexa ranking has rapidly gone from nothing to a respectable place in the 600,000s, with no sign of slowing or stopping.

One aspect that might explain R4PG’s rapid rise is the company’s dedication to security and customer experience, providing full refunds if deadlines are not met and working hard to scout out the best deals. They have 24 hour customer service, offered over email, Skype, and chat, and accept all major payment methods, from Paypal to Mastercard and Visa.


r4pg.com sells virtual currency for more 30 MMORPGs, including most many top-tier fantasy titles out now such as Blade and Soul, Final Fantasy 14, Destiny, Everquest Next, Crowfall, Star Wars: The Old Republic and World of Warcraft. It also services non-MMORPG but extremely popular games like League of Legends, Fifa 16 and Trove.


r4pg.com might not offer you the absolute cheapest prices for virtual currency, but it does its best to stay competitive. An order of 10 Gold for Blade and Soul can be bought from the r4pg.com for US$12, about a dollar and a half more expensive than the cheapest sellers listed on MMOBUX.com. You can secure up to a 5% discount through the site’s VIP program where you get increasingly higher discounts for buying more from the site.

Shopping and Payment

If there is any big criticism that can be lobbed at r4pg.com, it is the click-heavy shopping process at the site. It does not have a quick buy option that is almost ubiquitous in the industry. Instead, it uses a shopping cart process where you have to click through multiple pages of data input and confirmation – it makes you wonder why they could not have just compiled everything in one form. What it sacrifices in transaction speed it tries to make up for in clear transactions where you get overviews of what you are buying and whether you entered the right details. Sometimes, providing the wrong information leads to a lot of delivery delays, so setting the order straight might save you from headaches down the road.


When you buy from r4pg.com, expect to get your virtual currency within the day. The site does a decent job when it comes to fulfilling your order, but nothing to write home about compared to other sites that specialize in super quick deliveries. The site also offers a refund should your order come later than promised, so always make sure to pin down a promised time from your r4pg.com customer service agent.

Customer Service

Customer service at r4pg.com is frankly disappointing if only because they claim to have a 24/7 live chat support but then have long stretches where no agents are available. This becomes extra frustrating for customers that want to know when to expect orders and clarify some transaction details. While the site does let you leave a message so agents can get back to you at a later time, it does not come close to the level of attentive service most gamers expect when buying virtual currency.

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Review by Pigmento2011
Legit, Friendly and Fast. I just bought literally less than 2 minutes ago, and I already received it. I was impressed, they even helped me make the order because I was such a noob and it wasn't going through.
Review by Bloviatewoo
I used to use a different website but it never really felt safe. When I use R4PG.com I feel safe buying as much as I need. They're also VERY fast with delivery. I had put in my purchase and literally not even 5 minutes later I was getting a whisper saying hi!
Review by Liter82
Safe and reliable
When i purchase currency, I only go through R4pg.com. been a member for over 10 years now. It is safe, inexpensive, very reliable. Thanks!
Review by Norce
Been purchasing from these guys and using this site for a few years now and have never had any issue. Very safe and secure and never even worry about not getting what I purchased. The sellers are local players on servers and deliver well before advertised
Review by Collectivesh
I ordered PoE currency, received 30 mins after payment, wow, the guys did what they said on the homepage. happy now...
Review by Semira
Every time I have bought from R4PG I've had amazing service through their live chat and have had my order completed within minutes. I will continue to use them in the future!
Review by Loser
Excellent service times and safe transactions. I have taken the plunge and now know this website is a legit website. A+
Review by Kore
Great service paid me right away for my coins. Gave me a fair price for them too. Also very easy to buy from.
Review by lily
Very fast and haven't been banned yet. Customer service/live chat is also very helpful. Would highly recommend
Review by Stickersflagr
Cheap price & humanized service, I have been very familiar with R4PG after frequent buying on this site for the cheap price and humanized service. They do have good reputation and will not cheat on the customers.
Review by Fantastic Service!
R4pg will strive to please the customer. Even if you get what you ordered in select games and it gets taken away by the games staff they will go out of the way to help you get it again. Fantastic Company, Fantastic Service!
Review by Fast and Reliable Service
Every time I've bought from this place I've always been able to get quick communication and confirmation from the chat service. Delivery service is very open and communicative, as well as fast and reliable. Have visited multiple times and will continue to do so.
Review by Fast and Reliable Service
Every time I've bought from this place I've always been able to get quick communication and confirmation from the chat service. Delivery service is very open and communicative, as well as fast and reliable. Have visited multiple times and will continue to do so.
Review by Lorlessn
I found MMOGAH.com through a google search and was hesitant to try their service. My products were delivered within 1 hour, really good services!
Review by Cocktailm
Honestly I've been purchasing from them for about a year now and they always live up to buyer standards. My order is always delivered swiftly and professionally today and as always. Thank you R4PG!
Review by Cocktailm
one of the best experiences i have had in years with costomer services
Review by Trustworthy and reliable service
I am always nervous about using such services but these guys were great and delivered exactly as promised. Their support via live on-line chat was also excellent and very responsive. Will certainly use in future.
Review by Great! Nice and Fast.
Quick Delivery, Good communication and Service shofar the best I have worked with. Recommended if you are new to this type of service or old, about 5 min delivery.
Review by DuaneXq
Really feeling good with r4pg, all I want can be found in r4pg store, and price is affordable, nice work!
Review by Excellent Service
Excellent service times and safe transactions. I have taken the plunge and now know this website is a legit website. A+
Review by Great
R4pg is a great website. Their staff is super helpful and friendly, and they provide a great service at a very reasonable cost. I love them and will continue to use them all the time.
Review by lucyice
I have always found their service to be very reliable and I have never run into issues with them. The customer reps are always very helpful and willing to answer any questions and help with orders.
Review by Nine
I have never seen such good customer support, and the website is clean and tidy and they deliver fast.
Review by luckychuror
They are very quick and trustworthy which is very hard to come by nowadays.
Review by Thank you guys
Thank you guys so much, I love how fast the order comes in, I just don't like the "2 orders a week" thing but it's alright. You guys still have great service. I have been ordering from your site for the last 2 years! A
Review by Tim Watkins
Have made a few purchases so far and not a single complaint. Always get what I order and never wait more than 10 minutes. Have already shared with multiple friends!
Review by A+ Support, A+ Delivery!
These guys are good at what they do. Support was fantastic and delivery was speedy. Would buy again
Review by lucy
SUPER FAST DELIVERY! and very awesome live chat. they answered all my question and site is better than most. I would highly recommend! and the more you buy the bigger discount they give you. A+
Review by Jacob
So good site, I came again, my friend is next to me, ha ha, the service is really good!!!
Review by Ollieda
Excellent Service! Got my order within 5 minutes. Fast and efficient service! I'm satisfied!
Review by BittenStu
These guys not only value your security but make sure you feel you are being looked out for. They take great pride in responding to you and ensuring you get what you paid for. They are honest and professional to a T!
Review by Dnova
feeling good, all things going well
Review by Alicia
Very good, I often visit this site to buy game currency, I recommend this site to my friend, I came again today, ha ha
Review by Stuffede
Made numerous amount of purchases and so far everything has been going well without complaint. The great service is fast and you get your order between 5-10 minutes, so waiting for the service/stuff isn't a issue. Will buy more from r4pg for sure.
Review by Hamletsd
Simple, straight forward & best price around. Delivery by download within 5 - 10 minutes.
Review by Ronald
This site is always customer satisfaction, so I often visit this site to buy game currency!
Review by AbydocomistT
Fast and easy as always, r4pg together with PayPal is the fastest, easiest way to go.
Review by Ruth
I am the old customer of this store, and every time I am very satisfied
Review by Tlaugher
Above and beyond my expectations! Always reasonable and very fast shipping! I am a repeat customer, no where else to go that is reliable like this. r4pg is always my first and only choice.
Review by Lauren
What a good site, I will come!!!
Review by ArketingT
What an eggcellent company!

"Incredible customer service! Great prices and selection! Perfectly R4PG!"
Review by DockTer
Great service! I had immdiate delivery. Would reccomend and would buy again!
Review by Michael
Every time I come to this site, I will buy cheaper products than other sites and enjoy a very good service, online customer service is also very enthusiastic
Review by Graciey22
Excellent service. Having made my first order, i would definitely recommend r4pg to my friends. Everything went fine and the support service is excellent too.
Review by Donald
Haha, my first choice is R4PG, really safe and reliable!!!
Review by currenc
It is safe to buy poe currency, I receive my items although it was a little bit delay. good to use :) thx
Review by April
The first time I chose R4PG, it left me a good impression, when I encountered difficulties, always give me help, I really like this site.
Review by Kenneth
This experience of buy poe orbs here is very good! It's safe and fast,hope you can do better.
Review by Patricia
Just started visiting this site when I did not believe it, but then I found that I was on this site, really good
Review by Moosef
R4PG Internet Game Exchange really help me a lot, I have bought a lot of Path of Exile Currency and BNS Gold from them, all order completed in 30 mins, really satisfied!
Review by Juanita
I really like this site, every time I visit the time will save me a lot of money, I also recommend this site to my good friend, she also very much like this site.
Review by lily
This site is really good, I am very happy to buy goods on this site, they provide a very good service, which also includes after-sales service, I really like this site.
Review by Jane
My friend recommended this site to me, I try to visit and found this site is really good, fast delivery, safe and reliable.
Review by David21
Boughted one, works fine , legit , and very friendly seller! 10/10
Review by Jack
When I found this site, I was very happy because the site's merchandise was really cheap, and still legal, shipped very quickly, I liked the site, it would be my first choice
Review by mark
I just started looking for a lot of sites on the web, but none of what i wanted, until i saw R4PG this site, it attracted me, i tried to visit, and after opening I found that this site was what i wanted to find , The service is particularly good, selling the product range is also more and also cheap.
Review by Martha
Long-Term And Stable Inventory,Ensure Fast Delivery poe currency Within 5-15 Minutes. R4PG works hard to improve delivery times.
Review by Tongue
R4PG made good on my purchase - I purchased Legacy-SC for Path of Exile. Items were delivered in 25 mins. They gave me a great help so they eventually made good on my purchase. I have bought from r4pg several times after.
Review by Houston
Very easy to buy from and fast delivery. Will use again :)
Review by Siphonf
Really good game gold shop, the order is accomplished in 24 hours, and my Path of Exile account is still safe, not get banned, really love Jimth, the R4PG customer services staff, he is really patient, I have asked a lot of questions about the trade steps and even about the game itself, he answered all my questions, thanks, Jimth, thanks, R4PG!!!
Review by JACK
Asked on live chat if they had the product. They said yes, but delivery would take 30 mins. I went ahead and placed the order. 10 minutes later I received a message that the currency is ready. Pleasant surprise.
Review by Berk
Hello guys , r4pg is lier and cheater website. Please nobody make shopping from here.
Just few days ago I wanted to sell gold for them in game Blade n Soul . And they accepted . They was online in skype all day. And after we did business. I gave them lots of in game gold . And after few min. they went offline . and they wrote me they have problem with servers. I cant take any answer and I cant reach them all this days. And their policy in their website is money will be transfer to our account instantly . But this is the result . I can even put skype conversation.

Please reach me from here if you guys any idea to I will complaint someone about this. my mail : berkmutlu31-mail.ru
Review by Andrew
Scam, do not use.

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