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Below, you can find ZAMGOLD reviews written by users. Find out if ZAMGOLD is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover ZAMGOLD delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is ZAMGOLD legit? Is ZAMGOLD safe and reliable?

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Last Update: August 24, 2019

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Product is an online marketplace that offers virtual currency, items and power leveling services for more than 25 online games. These games range from popular entries in the massively multiplayer online genre, such as World of Warcraft, RuneScape and ArcheAge, to niche games such as Albion Online, Cabal II and Echo of Soul. You'll also find services for games in the sports, MOBA and action genres at ZAMGOLD, including notable titles such as Madden NFL 16, The Division and League of Legends.


ZAMGOLD is a good source of virtual currency and items for some games due to their prices. For example, Blade & Soul gold is as low as 100 pieces for $6.75, almost a dollar less than their competitors. Like most sellers dealing in virtual currency and items, ZAMGOLD provides a VIP bonus system; however, the tiers that they offer have lower discounts and higher entry fees than their competitors. While most websites usually offer an eight percent bonus at the highest level, ZAMGOLD only offers a six percent discount. Not only that, but you need a whopping $5,000 in cumulative purchases to qualify for this tier, whereas other websites only require roughly $3,000. However, ZAMGOLD does routinely offer coupons and other discounts to users who sign up for their promotional newsletter.


ZAMGOLD promises a delivery speed of under an hour for your virtual currency or items. For bulk orders, delivery times are longer but usually still under 24 hours or longer. Certain forms of payment, such as paying via a PayPal eCheck, could delay payment by as much as four days.

Shopping and Payment

ZAMGOLD is a straightforward website, with a list of games on the left-hand side of the screen and very few flashy, resource-intensive graphics on its homepage. For users who in a hurry, the Quick Order option will let you purchase currency or items in roughly three to four minutes. ZAMGOLD does not offer many payment options, only letting users pay via PayPal, Western Union, Skrill or via a credit card, such as MasterCard or Visa. Some users may feel uncomfortable using some methods of payment such as a credit card, as ZAMGOLD requires buyers to send over a copy of a photo ID and even a copy of their card with their order.

Customer Service offers six ways to contact them: Skype, email, two phone numbers, QQ and a live chat option available on the homepage. All of ZAMGOLD's communication methods are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including major holidays such as Christmas and Thanksgiving. The company aims to answer all inquiries within an hour, though response times are longer if they are experiencing a high volume of questions.

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Review by CD
Been buying my FF14 gil from them for a few years already. Best prices and usually get your gil 15-30mins.
Review by ANON
Please BEWARE!

These guys are big time scammers..I paid them for gold, but the gold did not a arrive. A video of them sending the gold was sent...but not gold was received. You need rocks in your head to trust them.
Review by ANON
Purchase ESO gold from these guys. It wasn't zamgolds site but they have a couple mirror sites just under a different name and website color scheme but clearly you can tell they're both the same people. I bought from which the email receipt showed zamgold so that's how I know its the same people. In any case after ordering I didn't get anything for about 30 min, went back to chat and asked whats up they confirmed order again and said like 15 min, 30 min later still nothing so back to live chat and they said for sure I should have it in like 15 min in which I did get it; that was for 100k na/pc.

Friend decided to order couple days after I did, he has same experience, he did 200k na/pc, took over 10 hours before he got his gold, they told him they're currently out farming it, they did end up giving him 250k for the trouble but still when you advertise 93% get it in 5min and 97% get it within 30 minutes, AND claim right on your site "Stock: 66400 K" which mind you after I purchased and my friend purchased over a week ago it said the same value so clearly that's just a static bullshit number.

So from now on when purchasing gold anywhere I first go to the live chat and confirm they have it in stock and you'll be surprised how many people actually don't have it in stock at the time of purchase.
Review by Scottie Pippen
Purchased 510k gold. No Instant Delivery so was told stock was low and to wait until more people get back from holidays to farm gold. Waited, I get back and they're still low on stock so I was told they give me some now (340k) rest later. I accepted, and when I check back for the rest of the gold I paid for they said I agreed to ONLY receive 340k. Really unprofessional. I then realize the price I paid for 510k gold now only buys 340k. So the price went up and they refused to fulfill a previous order before the price change. Buyers beware.
Review by McShea
I was skeptic at first, but trusted the reviews from other users here and ordered. I must say, great folks here at Zamgold. Good support, great communication and fast delivery (had my order after an hour). If you are unsure like me, don't be. Zamgold is trustworthy.
Review by Radus
Scam website. Paid for item and then was told several times that they need more time. At one point they didn't even answer anymore, just told me they're busy. Stay away from this site at all cost.
Review by cb
ordered online got confirmation email and had gold withing the hour!@
Review by linda
zamgold deliver the blade and soul gold.but it takes too long to deliver it.when i checked stock,they guarantee 15 min,but i take 24 hours friend tell me,and it only take 5 min
Review by Nick
Dont listen to the rating on this. They only ask for photo ID if its over 85 dollars so have it scanned and prepared if your doing that much. I got some credits for swtor and it was delivered within the hour. Be sure to go to the live chat they will help you with any of your concerns. Once you order you will get an email that wants your information name address phone server character ect... send that back and you are golden.

One of the best online experiences with a gold vendor, and I never say that. Im not a paid reviewer or anything because i know i think a lot of the reviews are paid or false, this one isnt trust me guys

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