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Below, you can find 6cce reviews written by users. Find out if 6cce is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover 6cce delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is 6cce legit? Is 6cce safe and reliable?

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Last Update: April 12, 2013

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Review by Jeremy
I've came across many Gold Selling sites but it came to the fact 6cce is extremely professional in their work and reliable. They've got a well constructed site/ system to have me give a good positive feed back towards them. I'm looking forward to have future purchases and give them the best rating possible.
Review by Carlos
At first, I had reservations. This is a service that is painted as a heavily negative experience, ranging from scammers to bots, and everything in between. However, I'm here to dispel these myths. Getting Forza Horizon 3 Credits via 6cce was clean, quick, and professional. I did not have to give any personal account information, and the delivery was within minutes. They want to ensure that customers return, and having fast, reliable, comfortable service is what it takes to to ensure that. I will recommend this to close friends, and will do business with 6cce again.
Review by Jonathan
I have purchased with 6cce before, and always was a breeze, but this time I wasn't given the correct amount of neverwinter astral diamonds. Spoke to a lovely gentleman named Jason on the live chat and it was fixed up within half an hour. Thank you again!
Review by Keith Jones
Out of all the Gold selling sites out there, I choose 6cce. They have delivered my MyNBA2K18 rp on time, They help and talk to their costumers and provide assistance when they have problems with their purchase. I have been a costumer for a long time and they have always done their JOB flawlessly. Thank you 6cce for providing us with Excellent Service and Honest sales
Review by Herrera
I've bought Forza Horizon 3 Credits from 6cce many of times, and I am 100% satisfied with the service I have received. They are always polite, kind and a pleasure to deal with. Please keep being amazing service.
Review by Daniel
I was looking to get back to this 6cce and I needed the FIFA mobile coins to start up and didn't have the time to farm so I checked out 6cce. I couldn't be happier! now I'm enjoying playing online again. Becoming a returning customer since this site is very trustworthy!
Review by John Endrix
I would recommend this service, got my FIFA 18 Coins fairly fast.Thanks 6cce. will definitely buy again from 6cce.com.
Review by Juddy
Recently I purchased FIFA mobile coins from here and I was really happy with the service I received. The staff member I spoke to was very nice and quickly fulfilled the order. Definitely would purchase from 6cce.com again.
Review by Ashley Alden
The NBA live mobile coins that I ordered was delivered within 10 min. Was done discreetly through the marketboard and angelica was very personable and pleasant in the chat. thanks for the service!
Review by Treeton
I'v been buying from 6cce for about 3 months now and never had any bad experience with them.I played Madden game for few years and most website will deliver through the mail, but 6cce does it face to face, the safest way in my opinion.They have great customer services and are online almost like 24/7.The prices are reasonable and i would recommend them to anyone who wanted to get some quick safe coins in Madden NFL 17 game.
Review by Kyle
I purchased MyNBA2K18 rp two times and both times received the gold fast & with absolutely NO issues. The Chat was fast & pleasant. absolutely NO complaints. Thanks!
Review by Ragnar
I will definitely me a long time customer of this service now. I have used several websites and by far they have been the fastest, most responsive, kind and generous company by far. I will NEVER go anywhere else for my gaming needs! Thank you so much for your great customer service!
Review by Mathieu
I have tried a few different websites for NHL 18 Coins but the others had the same price, promised 15 min wait time and id only ever get it the next day.. this was awesome. same cheap price with a 2 minute wait time, honestly all I did as soon as i bought it was open a live chat and told them i was ready and they just invited me and gave me the gold easy as that. amazing service super friendly and fast! will definitely continue to shop at this website.
Review by James D Hardy
The service was definitely what I expected. It was very professional and the delivery was excellent. No waiting 12-15 hours after my order of NHL 17 Coins to received. Previously, I was unsure about this company based on previous web research, but after a friend recommended me about them, I decided to give it a try. I was definitely impressed!

Review by erwin
I ordered some NFL 18 Coins and went into live chat. Within five minutes, they had met me in game and given me the NFL 18 Coins. She was very nice and helpful, probably the fastest transaction I've ever done. Will recommend site to friends.
Review by katyara
I ordered some NFL 17 coins and went into live chat. Within five minutes, The live chat had met me in game and given me the coins. She was very nice and helpful, probably the fastest transaction I've ever done. Will recommend site to friends.
Review by Tony
6cce.com has been one of the most reliable fifa point account services I've been using for quite some time now. From FIFA 17 to FIFA 18, they are the best at what they do. Highly recommend their services!
Review by Jerry
It saved me from doing countless grinding of FIFA 18 Game. How fast and safe of the delivery.10/10 for best customer service! I'll buying purchasing FIFA 18 Account soon.
Review by steveng
I am the biggest fan on FIFA game, 6cce.com was very helpful. The live chat walked me through the process step-by-step. After paying for the FIFA 18 Coins, it literally took less than 3 minutes for me to receive my FIFA 18 Coins. I would definitely come here again.
Review by Woogs
Last week I bought FIFA 18 Coins from this site.The overall experience was 5 star for me.They provided a great and quick serivce would recommend for sure and they meet all your demands and expectations.
Review by Anna
Excellent service with fast delivery! Discreet and quiet! Have used this service once before and was very happy with them then as well!
Review by Connor Richards
6cce.com have excellent prices, friendly staff, and quick delivery times! I've never bought FIFA 17 point anywhere else as most other places look kinda shady, 6cce.com even holds small events because they care quite a bit about their customers. Fast, friendly and professional, Thanks 6cce.com
Review by Ngwana Vitalis
I was so impressed when i got into 6cce.com, they have very fast and reliable functions, especially their Customer service support which is so amazing and caring. I won't afford going somewhere else anymore. Really fantastic here.
Review by darrenj
Honest customer service. Prompt delivery if you're buying FIFA 17 Comfortable Trade, and their powerleveling service goes above and beyond just getting your character levels.
Review by Rick james
I purchased some FIFA 17 Account and I received my order within 3 minutes! THREE MINUTES! I will be returning for more.
Review by John Trolinger
I have placed orders with FIFA 17 Coins at this site. They have always been fast and great. Live chat is also great. I recommend them if your going to buy FIFA 17 Coins.Fast, easy, and fair prices.
Review by iomars
y payed 20k gold for $23usd

didnt recibe nothing, no refund no gold its a totally scam


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