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6kgm.com serves as an online portal for gamers to buy and sell virtual currency for a various array of different games. The site caters to players of major sports games like FIFA 16 to NBA2k16 and prominent MMORPG titles like World of Warcraft Gold. On top of this, the site also features virtual currency for a variety of MMORPG titles like Tree of Savior Silver and Blade and Soul Gold Edition.

In addition to virtual currency, 6kgm.com also sells CD registry keys for different game titles such as Far Cry Primal, Street Fighter V, and The Division. These are often difficult to acquire from any other source. Similar to other RMT sites, 6kgm.com focuses primarily on the sale of virtual currencies, CD keys, and in-game items.


Rather than using a complicated bonus system, 6kgm.com features a bulk reward benefits package for registered members. It’s suitable only for those who plan to buy a lot of virtual money. 6kgm.com also offers a regular customer who purchases huge amounts of order 5% discount on every products.

Fortunately, 6kgm.com tends to be pretty fair when it comes to the actual prices quoted for money. Games that are available on more than one platform are split by system, and prices are cited independently on each platform. Virtual currency for PC versions of FIFA and NBA titles often command lower prices than currency for PlayStation versions of the same games. This Website doesn't make PC gamers pay more than necessary.

Those who play games that have servers divided by geographical location of players might also get a similar discount. For instance, virtual currency for European players of The Elder Scrolls was listed as less on the site than those from North America.

Prices are updated on a daily basis.


While it isn't listed as an actual guarantee, 6kgm.com promises that 97 percent of orders will be delivered and completed in a half hour. This is a very speedy turnaround that comes with one caveat. However, this is only a promise which is hard to fulfill especially a large order. Some customers file a complaint saying that their orders haven’t been delivered for a week. Plus, the site doesn't provide any clear statement as to the maximum amount of time that those other 3 percent of orders can take.

Shopping and Payment

Since 6kgm.com caters to an international clientele, prices are cited in US, Australian, Canadian and British currency. Users also have the option to view prices in Euros. The payment options are pretty standard. 6kgm.com accepts PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover. Paysafe, Cash U and Sofort are also options for European and Australian consumers.

Customer Service

While the site offers a Live Chat and claims to have agents standing by at all hours of the day, the chat implementation is very buggy. Users can get disconnected very easily. That being said, the site lists a support email address that users can contact without using a form. This address is an easy and convenient way to get in touch with a service representative.

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