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Belrion is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to Belrion, please check our top-ranked shops here.
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Telephone: +65-9003-7108
Owner: Ascenco Consulting
Street address: 32, Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2
Sing Industrial Complex #03-04
Singapore 569510
Country: Singapore
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: MasterCard PayPal Visa Card Western Union

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Last Update: January 22, 2018

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Products. sells virtual currency for roughly a dozen or so online MMORPGs, with particular focus on World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XIV, Final Fantasy XI, Warhammer Online, EverQuest 2, Guild Wars 2 and Diablo 3. The website also offers on the selected power leveling services, high-level accounts, CD keys and game time cards.

Pricing. Prices are quite cheaper at World of Warcraft Gold cost $153.65 per 100K Gold at the Aegwynn US server compared to the median average of $184.99 per 100K Gold, as tracked by the store comparison service. Similarly, Final Fantasy XIV Gil cost $129.96 per 20M Gil compared to the store median average of $160 per 20M Gil. The website accepts smaller orders of as low as $7-$13. Customer bonuses are routinely handed out 5% extra Gold.

Shopping and Payment. Website registration is quick and easy, with the usual payment options available like PayPal and several credit cards. Orders can also be made directly through customer agents after inquiring about stock availability and delivery times.

Speed. boasts of an order completion speed rating of 91.7% within 30-60 minutes of ordering, which is commendable but not particularly exceptional. If you�re willing to wait for 24 hours, the chances of getting your order bump up to 96.7%. Keep in mind that this means that approximately 3.3% of its orders take more than 24 hours or are refunded due to no stock.

Customer Service. The website does not have 24/7 customer service. Beginning January 2012, the website had begun conducting �daily site and server maintenance� which disables delivery and Live Help support for four hours from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon PST. Customers can send concerns though via email at [email protected] or [email protected].

The following is an interview conducted with Low, owner of Belrion, on May 2nd, 2007

How long have you been doing this? Did you start selling casually or has it always been a full time business?

We have been in this business for 3 yrs+. We started by selling casually as we got some stuff that we do not need and it seem to be too lazy to go auction them off. Another reason is to pay off the subscription charges ~ LOL ~

What gave you the idea to start this type of business? Did you use to be a gamer, maybe even a buyer or did is there some other story behind your entry into this market?

We were once gamers too and really addicted gamers who play long hrs. We did not buy during that time as we do not even know abt buying virtual currency online. LOL ~ There was a time when we found a guy who actually want to buy our accounts and equip and that is where we really first encountered this business market.

Did you come across any strange customers or business deals? Can you share one of the more weird experiences as a currency seller?

Sure do. But there were too many and too long ago to remember. One of the funny one which I remember is this guy actually claim to be some prince of country and wanted to buy large amount and we actually keep repeating the same words and he keep talking lto himself rather to us. LOL ~

What was the largest amount of gold a customer has ever bought?

There were quite a lot of big transaction and frankly speaking I don really remember it.

How about the customers that are not just strange, but really fraudulent – how do you deal with those and is it a big problem?

Virtual online stuff is basically not really legalise yet thus too much different views to it. Every website got their encounters and will try to counter it, we ourselves too have these problems but we have find means to counter it which is working quite fine so far. For starter buyers they may find it quite tiring and etc to buy from us but once they are over that period they are basically happy customer as we protect their accounts well. Security is a big concern for us and we do not let scammers get away easily.

Are you able to expand on any future plans of your company for this competitive market? Any particular goals or predictions you can share?

We have our ideas and will try to make it to a win win suitation for everyone from supplier to us and to customers.

Are you playing MMORPGs yourself? If so, what game do you play and for how much would you sell your main character :) ?

We are gamers too and yes we do play some games but not as much as before anymore. Frankly i am not sure if I will sell my character at this point of time, during that time when i sold my char it kind of pain my heart as really have put a lot time and energy into it.

Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions!

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