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Below, you can find reviews written by users. Find out if is legit or a scam. Learn first-hand experiences about buying currency from this gold seller. Discover delivery time and check out customer feedbacks to see answers to the most frequently asked questions: Is legit? Is safe and reliable? - Price History

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Product is a real money trade website that offers virtual currency, goods, and accounts for a variety of popular games. These games include PC games such as World of Warcraft and League of Legends, along with a myriad of PS4 and Xbox One games.

For games like World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and ArcheAge, the site offers virtual currency (gold). For console games, sells accounts. There are also powerleveling services for games like League of Legends.

Price offers 10,000 gold on World of Warcraft for $4.99 (price on June 01, 2016). This is much more expensive than some sites that are listed on For example, the cheapest site that it brings up sells 10,000 gold for $2.55, putting at almost double the price for the gold. The site appears to focus on FIFA virtual currency. Unfortunately, it offers 99,000 coins for $4.95, while the top site on offers 100,000 coins for $3.89.

On the bright side, offers a relatively good price for League of Legends accounts. They sell accounts with 32,000 influence points for $17.86, which is far less than what other sites sell at. Many other sites sell accounts with about 20,000 influence points for about $30, meaning is a much better deal. offers $40 and an 8% discount for signing up. They also offer a 10% discount for sharing an affiliate link and code. Those who pay via Western Union are made VIP customers and enjoy an extra 5%.

Speed claims that customers praise their fast delivery, and that they always have their goods in full stock. In fact, delivery speed is slower than other sites since they send the order part by part in which they claim to be safes. Usually, the small order can be completed within one hour during normal time. However, it can easily take to 5 to 12 hours when they are busy. And sometimes it can be longer than that for a large order.

Shopping and Payment

The site’s layout is lackluster, but everything is labeled clearly enough. On any page of the site, there is an area to choose a game along with other details (server product, etc.), and a price shows up right away. After filling in the details, clicking the BUY NOW button leads you to a page where you can sign up and put in the order information. The only payment options are PayPal, Western Union, and credit card payments via PayPal. Refund request is available only if a customer requests though LiveChat before the order is delivered.

Customer Service offers 24/7 customer service every day. Usually, most questions will be answered within a few minutes. The LiveChat support is quite well-trained since they can answer all questions related to order effectively. However, their English skill and grammar aren’t that good and might cause the confusion between both parties. - Leave a Review - Read Customer Reviews

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Review by John A.
I used them a few times and it was nice, and all of a sudden they are ignoring me! I've sent over 5 emails and tried the live talk and nothing!!! It's incredible how a company or whatever they are just scam people!!!! If you use them you will get burned sooner or later
Review by Gerar
I order from them the time and they are absolutely friendly on time , easy to reach and fantastic. Highest quality out there!!!!
Review by Tim Watson
This company is a fraud. Provided me inaccurate/fake account information for transfer of goods. Spent several hours trying to navigate the transfer with no success. Reached out to customer service over 10 times for assistance, then questioning, and eventually a refund. The whole time the answer I received was that they were "preparing new stock." After over a week of waiting for this "preparation" to be completed, I grew tired of the lies and multiple hours of my non-existent free time being wasted, and asked for a which point they stopped responding.

It's not the amount that was stolen from me. It's the lies and deception and personal time spent that makes this a major problem for me. Unless this "company" decides to do the right thing, this is just the beginning of drawing public awareness to the crooked actions I was subjected to.
Review by Pmokdem
Angelica you are amazing i just want to give you a big ol kiss lol great communication and service super fast delivery
Review by Uonsebs
Quite fast. After i placed my order, they delivered within 3 minutes. Definitely buying again from Mmogah.
Review by Albert
It was a pleasure doing business with you. Will gladly buy from you again.
Review by Claudio
Great, already suggested to others
Review by Danny
Great communication. Fast service.
Review by Andrew
Ultra fast delivery! I am sold as a repeat customer
Review by Boling
I have ordered through these guys a few times, always fast, always generous and always nice. I always ask questions and anytime I do he answers very quickly and answers all of my questions fully.
Review by Aiolnen
2nd time i;ve bought, on time and ready no issues at all,
Review by Docerlt
Mmovip was one of the sites i compared prices with and it was the cheapest by a few dollars, which is always a bonus. I spoke to one of the staff through the QuickChat and they were VERY helpful and clear right off the bat. Fortunately the server i needed gold on was stocked and the order was completed literally within 2 minutes of me paying for it.
Review by Inmdena
its my first time buying gold with this site, and I must say im impressed with the efficiency and reliability of the sellers. Will be buying from them again in the near future. Thumbs up!
Review by Oloimeza
its my first time buying gold with this site, and I must say im impressed with the efficiency and reliability of the sellers. Will be buying from them again in the near future. Thumbs up!
Review by Hnedne
They weren't kidding. The delivery only took like 2-3 minutes. Too soon to say how safe it was, since it all happened so fast. But you can be sure they do deliver what they promised.
Review by Uhxhsne
Was literally less than 2 minutes after I made it through PayPal that I got the in game tell that my Gil was ready.
Not even enough time to start worrying that the situation might be sketchy. Will buy again.
Review by sergio
first of sadly i have to gave 1 star to even place a comment

they lie to you about stock doesnt matter if fifa or other games they have zero stock

of accounts or coins or whatever . their refund promise is total scam

their english skills are trash x 10000

now comes the very best part they tell me after closing the case about indispute at paypal the will send back my payment . for sure .....

i know one thing for sure these sites will be shut down soon by people who got skills to do this.

My advice : never trust beryl the babe or whatever they call they call their bad chat support and never pay andy cent to their paypal or other payment option.

same goes for just as an additon.

i spend a total of 140 euros that i coul invest in real games currency even if its more expenive but at least i would be sure to get at least something i pay for and not got scammed that high like they did.

cause already microtransactions of publishers are scam .

do not trust any coins sites except common honest business seller like goldah mmorog or mmoga these ones are honest business person which dont lie about stock or refund promising.

my advice put mmovip futvip and other partner sites of them into your browsers black list and never buy from them spen the money to the publishers in game currency !!!!!

plus the good reviews on this site of course are written by them like never heard the name of Dkens Hanrahan Mounline and my favourite is
Lind Li on

i learned again one thing if you need currency stay loyal to your trusted seller and dont try to research for other sites because they will scam you for 100%

Review by Loms
I like the fast delivery, good seller reputation, and it deserves worthy.

Review by Sncneme
These guys know how to make peeps happy! no fuss! easy, Cheap and fast!!
Review by Dkens
Great, super fast!
Review by Hanrahan
Reliable, prompt, as promised. Can't fault it.
Review by Kurtis
35 hours, not 5 to 30 that they claim or the 5 to 12 this site claims. Have requested refunds several times. They might not be a scam site, but they definitely aren't a professional content delivery site either. Their language skills aren't really a problem since their customer service does not provide any services.
Review by Qumnue
Really fast delivery, active support
Review by Duijew
This company has great communication low prices and a great staff that is friendly and helpful thru out the whole process.
Review by Cheap and reliable
Cheap and reliable but would recommend you open live chat and make sure you have a person that's willing to talk and help you before you purchase because sometimes they don't reply.
Review by Matern
Great! You can use the fifa coins immediately. There is a small problem that I can not remember redemption code, but the customer service
Review by Mounline
100% reliable if anything goes wrong they always help through it on the chat service I recommended this to anyone
Review by Nijdensw
If you want to start to experience the high capacity of self-built players to buy with VC points, if you want to grow their own step by step to buy the original, this game save the VC point is a field to play out.
Review by Lind Li
Look forward to a long time the price of the game, it is worth buying, delivery soon, customer service is also a lot of questions, good
Review by Coijeuie
Too much to force! The original said good 8 hours to complete the results of 4 hours to get. Must give praise!
Review by Rosa
First time I've bought fifa 17 mobile coins and I was really hesitant because of bad feedback to different companies. I'm glad chose fifavip. It was a really pleasant experience.
Review by Iokfme
i bought 5000k today and recived in 5-15 very cheap can be slow but always come
Review by Sonia
I love the cheap coins here. I believe this website brings convenience to me. Safe and fast.
Review by Simon
Exceptional service. A member of the goblin server, and thier delivery person isn't like other sites but almost a max pugilist. Also they deal face to face and have you trade an item, making everything on S.E. side look legit.
Review by Robert N.
I think mmovip is a good virtual currency company. They have excellent customer service and their delivery is so fast. Every time they can make me feel satisfied.
Review by Noss
They stayed with me through out the whole chat didnt leave me behind and was really nice and respectful thank you guys
Review by Pokleke
Best website to go fifa coins. I believe the professional quality and get great customer service.
Review by Tomini
The service here is very good, and I really like this site. I also love the cheap fifa coins.
Review by Tebenat
Here Buy Fifa 17 Coins very happy , thank you very much and thoughtful service
Review by Kris k.
It took around 3 hours for delivery of my 16k gold and the livehcat i traced there ip was in america but very unlikly. anyways good
Review by Molelrr
was i surprised within minutes of placing my order i was greeted by a friendly seller transactions are smooth and they meet face to face i rlly recommend
Review by Bobby
Ordered and recieved in less than 10 minutes, Was discreet and would purchase from again :)
Review by Nolekrm
So cheap Fifa Coins and such a high level of service, I like it very much
Review by Kimi
I have bought fifa coins on this site many times, and it never lets me down.
Review by Crence
While they are not always the fastest, they have come through with three orders for me. Over Chinese New Year I waited four days, but since then it's been more like 12-36 hours. Their system of calling when they're ready for delivery works great. I've recommended them to a friend who has bought too.
Review by Jonden
Best site for buying games
Review by Pike C.
My coins got delivered in about 5 minutes which is also really good. If you need a boost in coins and have a couple of extra dollars, would recommend this site before any others!
Review by Ayman

I have purchased 2700 fifa points account for 12.60 euro.. I am waiting 6 hours right now and still haven't got nothing... When i try to contact the live chat there is no response.... FUCKIG SCAMMERS!!!


My mail for any questions: [email protected]
Review by Uiless
I've made several purchases and have been very satisfied. Even had a representative email me and ask me how they are doing. Id say the prices are great and the deliveries are quick too. Add in good customer service. These guys are the real deal
Review by Kim D.
Recently they bought a website 200 K (my nba 2k17 rp), after 30 minutes to receive, and really quickly, they found there are a lot of games at home, the next attempt to buy
Review by Patricia
The service provided was extremely quick and reliable. Shine, my live customer service represenative was able to assist me with all of my questions and answered them with precision and professionalism that I have not experienced in the past from other sites. I will continue to use this company for services that are required and would certainly reccommend
Review by Leo
My friend recommended me to come. He has been the faithful client of this website for a long time.
The deliver has been done in an hour, feel very pleased with that. I bought 100K poins with a NFL,
and received the extra 5K poins. I must mention one thing that happened before I received my gold.
The twitter manager of the website is the best ever. I first asked her about the delivery time,
she replied me almost in 10 seconds, and then somehow we began to talk about the game NFL,
the legendary time of the game and its decline. She really knows a lot. It's an amazing talk.
You guys are very loyal and professional sellers. I'm gonna return 100%.
Review by Graaff
When I realised I got the wrong the item I contacted them and they have me an instant refund and really good service.
Review by Roham F.
One of the good fifa store I used, fast delivery within 5 mins for Points Account, although the account was banned when i m using, but they sent me a new account, it is very good!
Review by Coleo S.
really a good experience for Buy My NBA 2K17 RP buying here, can ensure delivery in 5-30 mins for me order.

Review by Frank C.
I have bought My NBA 2K17 RP on, it's very fast delivery and best service. I'm so lucky and happy about it.
Review by Ribeiro
Fast delivery, good security, amazing prices for great products. Cheers!
Review by Ryan R
The easiest and best way to purchase coins hands down.
Review by John
Great customer service I recommend this website 100%
Review by Ellison
It was pretty easy and really cheap. I'm a happy costumer. I'll for sure be using this again, thanks!
Review by Baer
Nearly instant transaction! Excellent round the clock support. I highly recommend these guys as a trusted source for coins!
Review by Charles J
I try to hold the idea of asking customer service online and asked if they have products, customer service delivery will take 2 hours. I continue to place the order. 10 minutes later, I received a message, gil is ready.
Review by Chuck
I was slow at understanding some things, but she walked me through the steps to success and made the overall process very easy. Great staff and a great service. Will definitely use this company many more times.
Review by Donald
i bought 1.5 million coins, got them within several mins, it is reliable
Review by Dennis
Photographed no more than an hour on the transaction to the gold coins. Absolute honesty, the seller is really great, although a little bit of the situation, but the seller in the end.
Review by Michael
The first time I bought a 100k point on their website, I finished the transaction very quickly. Later, I tried to buy more, every time very quickly, and occasionally some minor problems can also send me an e-mail in advance, is really a very pleasant shopping
Review by Jones
I am a fifa game enthusiast, in the site to buy a lot of things are very good, very safe, arrival is also very fast
Review by Camiel
Horrible website paid for a Pokemon go account it was a scam it didn't work at all and they don't even have online support even though they said they do
Review by Mike Droph
Complete scam site. Purchased currency never got delivered. Been waiting for hours to talk to a 'manager' for a refund. Don't believe I will ever get one at this rate.
Review by Irfan Ahmed
Biggest scam- do not use please

Ok so this website firstly is foriegn and as a result the problem department does not know how to communicate clearly. This is a site where by you can purchase points or coins for many games across multiple platforms such as the xbox or playstation.

I ordered a fifa 16 points account which was banned just under 3 hours. I had earnt upto 670k worth of coins. The website has mentioned that the warranty period of a purchased account is 6 hours and now when u try to contact them using their help page they do not respond. The account has been blocked however the problem department are somehow wanting a screenshot of the coins even though the account is unacssesable.
They will not be refunding my money and have wasted a lot of my time. Please please please do not use this website.


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