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Review by Jacktehripoffs
Hi All. I have purchased from MyGameSale on three occasions. The 1st two purchases were WoW Gold orders ~ 5k each and they were completed fast, face to face, with no problems. So I decided to buy an account from them. This was a nightmare. Well to start with, they would not give me the secret Q&A to said account. They told me they would give me this information in one months time. They said this was necessary for "my safety" (mm-hmm, thats what they said). So I play my new toon and call back after a month. They would not give me the secret Q&A. It took two months of harassing them everyday, sometimes more than once to show that I wasn't going away. I spoke to, Vivian, Erin, Wendy... well all of them i think. Many times i was just given the silent treatment, especially after i asked one of them if the were actually a Live human, or a fancy software program. (Sometimes with English, grammar and the kind of copy paste template replies that they give, you could very well think they were some kind of automated program). Well five months later, the said account was later hacked! And here's the kicker: my other accounts which are mine and which i play on the same computer have not been touched. This happened a few days before Christmas 2009. I have since learnt this has happened to others who have purchased from MyGameSale and around the same time. I did not regain control of my account, MGS does not have any protection or guarantees what so ever. As a bonus for my troubles, I also now receive spam to the email address i gave them from companies i have never heard of, including emails that claim my accounts are under investigation and that i must verify them by clicking the link and providing my Log In info - and that's not the funniest part... some of these hoax emails are for Aion accounts! (i have never played Aion let alone have an account). Do Not Buy From MyGameScam! :(
Sincere regards,
Review by Funk091
Seeing as I have bought both powerleveling and gold from this site I will give it a review.

The gold was delivered to me by means of a guild bank, I was told to withdraw my money from there, since I could not make it to Orgrimmar the place where the person was. I ended up getting my account banned within the next three days. I disputed it and was able to get it unbanned, however, the reasoning behind the ban was that I withdrew money from a guild which was known to exploit the WoW Economy. So overall the gold process I would give a (2/10). They did have good customer service when trying to get the gold but overall the delivery was not worth it and there are a lot better sites out there for gold.

As for the powerleveling...well, there is only one good thing about it, it is cheap. You'd be hard pressed to find a site that offers the kind of packages that mygamesale offers at that price. However, the time limits they give are complete bullshit. It's been 4 days since the order was completed and my order is not even halfway done. When you go to contact the "Live Help" they tell you that Blizzard is monitoring accounts so they cannot level that fast OR they tell you that they will tell the leveler to speed up. In actuality they don't and the leveler keeps going at his sluggish pace. So for powerleveling I give it a (3/10). The only good part about it is the price...I would do it if you don't mind waiting a couple extra days/weeks up to this point it seems.

[Edited on 6/10/2009 by Funk091]
Review by dreadlockjack i never had any problems when it comes to buying gold. but as for powerleveling, they are terrible. they were 8 days over due and only just over half way through.

they kept telling me about account saftey and bullshit like that. no one should go through this company.

please stay away. 0/10
Review by OrcD3vil
They are horrible, this is the 2nd time they have gotten my account banned for Exploitation of the world economy. I have been pacient with them on many occassions as they say "Give us one more chance we value your service" they refused after gettng my account banned the 1st time to give me the 10k and leave my account alone they would not give me the 10k at all. They needed to finish the 3 levels, and professions before they would give me the 10k, after 5 days of saying 1 more day 1 more day plz we need 1 more day I got a "Perminate banned notice" in my email. THEY ARE HORRIBLE AND WILL GET YOUR ACCOUNT BANNED 100% garuntee. and if you pay will paypal they will not get your money back so you are screwed 100%. Don't be like me and get your account banned and pay 100% for this bullshit chinese fucking powerlevel that results in your whole account being banned and none usuable.
Review by Deegurrl
I bought 2000 gold from this place at approximately 1pm. I was assured they had plenty of gold in stock and I would receive my gold face to face in approximately 1 hour. At about 5pm I went on to the live chat to find out what was taking so long, all they kept saying over and over was "my guy is gathering your gold", no matter what I said or how many times I said it, they would repeat this. I got frustrated and disconnected the chat. Then 10:30pm rolled around and I was beginning to wonder if it was a scam, at my 4th attempt to contact the customer service via the live chat I was again told "my guy is gathering your gold and will email you when it is ready". I logged on to wow about 30 minutes later and got a msg from a lvl 1 warrior saying "come to stormwind to get your gold" Fine so I go all the way to stormwind and guess what, he logs off wow. I wait there for another 20 minutes until another lvl 1 comes up to me and says "do you want your 2000 gold or what" I said yes and invited him to the group. He took me into the SW bank where I sat next to him waiting for another 10 minutes while he played around jumping onto the guild vault door. I asked him again "do you have my gold" and he kept saying "One min please". After about 30 minutes of this I got upset and told him to give me my gold now. Finally he opened a trade and gave me my 2000 gold. I assure you I will NEVER do this again with this company or anything else for that matter and I would highly recommend that you steer clear.
Review by thebrantmeister
So, I commented last week about the pros and the cons of and now I'm back to give you more information. The best thing in my opinion about is the excellent customer service. If you have any issues, the representatives that chat with you in live-chat are very helpful and always friendly. I ordered power-leveling (for more info, check my previous post) but my account got suspended three times during the process and closed permanently. I wasn't as upset about it as many people would be because my highest level character was the one that they we're power-leveling. So I went on the live chat, and in less than an hour I had a refund of about 75% of what I originally paid.

If I decide to start playing WoW again, I won't go back to them for power-leveling, but I would be comfortable ordering gold from them.
Review by thebrantmeister
I believe I'm roughly half-way through my power-leveling to 70 and I thought some people would appreciate it if they had another review.


1. They offer the cheapest power-leveling packages I have seen so far.
2. They have great customer service (live chat).


1. Their website isn't fully functional. The power-leveling report is not accessible at this time.
2. My account has been suspended twice so far during the power-leveling process for "exploitation of the World of Warcraft economy".

As of now, I'm not comfortable recommending this site to a friend; although that could change depending upon the rest of my power-leveling process. I received an e-mail from Blizzard stating that if my account was suspended once more, the account would be closed. If that happens, I will DEFINITELY not recommend this site to anyone. I'll be posting a rating and one more comment when they are finished power-leveling my account. I'm hoping at the end of this process I can post an excellent review with a great score for them.
Review by ut2705
No instant delivery, so naturally I was wary of them and contacted their live support. They informed me that my server was indeed low on stock but if they did not deliver within 48 hours, a refund would be coming my way. Pleased with the response, I waited, and the next day found my gil in my mailbox. They were true to their word and with a 48 hours or less guarantee I will have to recommend this site.

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