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SwagVault is no longer operating. Contact details on this page, including phone numbers, e-mails and URLs, might not be accessible anymore. Any details about the shop as well as past customer feedbacks are provided as a reference only. For a list of alternatives to SwagVault, please check our top-ranked shops here.
SwagVault has recently received multiple fraud reports. We strongly advice against purchasing from SwagVault at this time. There is a significant risk associated with transactions with this vendor and you might be unable to recover payments or secure delivery. For a list of alternatives to SwagVault, please check our top-ranked shops here.

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Website: http://www.swagvault.com/
Telephone: +443-494-0007
Owner: Wang Xun Yu
Street address: Lan Qi Ying Subdivision Building 7
#1802 TsingHua University Chaoyang District Beijing 0000001
Country: China
Livehelp: Available
Payment options: American Express MasterCard PayPal Visa Card

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Last Update: March 3, 2008

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SwagVault was established in April 2004 in Washington, USA. The company started out by selling Diablo II items on eBay. Later, Swagvault.com was founded in order to serve the US and European customers while Svcn.com.cn was created with an eye on China.

In April 2006, the company claimed a total number of 200,000 customers in the US alone according to mmosite.com. At the same time Swagvault tried to boost their image in China by acquiring the country’s biggest online guild, the Temple of Jialan (TJ). Today, it is one of the biggest currency sellers in North America with a subsidiary office in China. As of June 14, 2007 the website ranks in Alexa at 27,671, challenging IGE at 26,737.

Old-time customers seem to be pleased with the company’s service: Swagvault`s eBay feedback hovers at 99.7% from 9,636 feedbacks. The company also scores a high 73% satisfaction on Bizrate with more than 2,500 customer reviews. Recent complaints about the company can mainly be found at the complaintsboard.com

In 2012, SwagVault has not only received many bad feedbacks from customers, but other suppliers also for imitating their brands.

Due to numerous fraudulent reports on SwagVault, purchases from them is discouraged at the moment. We recommend you to check other sites instead.

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Review by joshh18
Bought credits from them and 8 days later still haven't received anything
Review by Kaleesi
I've attempted to get a refund for SWTOR credits for some time without luck. Their site says they deliver in 30 minutes. After nearly 3 days, I asked for a refund. The virtual operator told me if I cancelled through Paypal they would put my refund on hold indefinitely - big mistake. I've elevated my claim on Paypal now and hopefully should see a refund ASAP.

As for their product, stay away. Their site shows millions of credits on each server with is innacurate since the operator told me in our conversation that most servers were out of stock. Buyer beware - you've been warned. Their site is borderline SCAM now.
Review by GAGuard
This is an all time low that I have ever seen. I was told by SwagVault to make contracts and to get my Eve Isk by contract means. Well I log into Eve today to see that the GM has reversed all contracts with their characters. SwagVault tells me I should dispute it with GM. Then they tell me that they got the ISK back but they can only resend me 30% back. I am not the smartest tool in the shed but that math don't add up.

THANKS SWAGVAULT! Hope your site gets hacked!
Review by Custard
Swagvault....oh dear,dont even think about it.
I bought Eve Online items from this company and spent $1800, i had 1 character powerlevelled, it said 13 days to complete, so i made a new account and off they went, 15 days later and still nothing and it wasnt even near, then after downtime i logged in, i had 3 accounts banned PERMANENTLY 2 were characters from the start of the game and the powerlevel character, i also had a 4th account suspended! OMG i didnt really need the items i was just lazy at that time.
They use macro's to powerlevel, so be warned, we all hate macro miners and they used one on my char, this is how i was found out as all account lead back to the items i bought, to shorten this blog, i went to customer service, which is totally crap and no one gives a shit about you, money grabbers is what they are, they asked for screen shots of the GM banning me i have given them this on 5 occasions and now up to this day they havent bothered to say they will replace my 3 characters or refund me.
I have had a hard lesson learnt, i will never ever buy isk, items or used these farmers as now i realise they spoil the game and i got what i deserve, suffice to say i paid over $2000 to buy new characters from eve baazar which is leagal and the chars are all doing really well, sum up this, dont do it, the GM's are getting hot on this and there watching you, buy GTC instead $34.99 = 780million isk and put these farmers out of business, they dont care about you so why line there pockets with your cash and characters, nuff said, you have been warned!
Review by NewmanLogic
I rarely use my card for any purchases online, however I found that they were providing Key Codes for nearly have the price they normally are. Needless to say I jumped on the offer, this was a bad mistake. Two days after my purchase I've found that there had been a charge to a hotel in a foreign country. This is the ONLY company I have entrusted my billing information to in months, and then I get fraudulent charges to my account. These people are CROOKS. Please do not give them your information. If swag did not personally use my card for fraudualent activities, then they sold my billing information to someone who did. Save you money and your time, go somewhere else.
Review by TaintChief
I've used Swagvault several times in the past for currency transactions. Recently I decided to try out their Power leveling feature. BIG MISTAKE. I learned they don't actually employee these people rather they work on a 3rd party basis. So the farmers farm it out themselves. I purchased a chunk of time rather than levels.

2 days later here's what I have. A few extra levels, characters that have been stripped down. A suspension because the guy was using that character to make transactions and spam chat channels and an account I can't get into because he put an authenticator on it. He can't get into it either because he didn't change the email address and I was able to reset the pass.

Swagvault refunded part of the money. Said he was on for 12 hours so they pro-rated it. I guess the 12 hours was spent getting suspended and striping down my characters.

So everyone knows you take a risk dealing with RMT but using Swagvault you take a huge risk because they have no control of they people doing the work for them. Even with Gold transactions that might be from an account that ends up getting reported as hacked and they trace the money to your account. So stay away from Swagvault.
Review by f0rkmicr0s0ft
This company is a TOTAL joke, i bought ISK from them and they sent it to me from a hacked account. i recieved a mail from the GM's informing me of that fact as well as a warning that further dealings with hacked accounts could lead to a permanent ban.

After this i contacted them about either a full refund, or sending the items i paid for again from a REAL account this time. well 7 days later and hours of talking to their customer support i still havent seen a damn penny, or even a partial refund of my isk.
Review by mrdarts852
Swagvault.com uses bots for there aion powerleveling which in most cases results in an account ban before they can finish there order. Be care full they are scammers and hackers.
Review by ReverendCasper
I have ordered Eve isk from Swagvault several times in the past,anywhere from 200 million to 800 million isk. Yesterday I ordered 300 million to buy my brother a nice ship for a gift (which I bought), and about 20 minutes later I got an e-mail from a GM stating that they were giving me an account warning about receiving isk from a known farming site. The GM removed 301 million isk from my account, leaving me at negative 85 million.

They used to be safe and secure, and in the past I always received my isk within two hours of purchase, following a courtesy phone call from their customer service representative.

Suffice to say I'm not happy with them, and will not order from Swagvault again.
Review by partmonster
I ordered 5000 gold for WOW around 10am Mountain time and it was delivered by 6:20pm Mountain time. No problems at all. They even called twice to confirm the legtimacy of the order. Awesome service!
Review by simppp
ordered from swagvault tonight, 200 ectos in Guild Wars, i received in less than 1 hour.

I had even brought up some of the bad reviews on this site, they explained to me, without attitude, that they do not keep stock on hand, and it has to be obtained per order, and that my order would probably take about 3 hours, well 20 mins later they called and i was given my order. I did this all on an alternate account, so far it has not been banned, we'll see what happens in the next couple of days, I'll be sure to post if there is a ban.

So as of right now, great service, friendly, quick. and cheap.

UPDATE: I got banned. And reading other responses in here, looks like I'm not the only one.
Review by garyth1971
After getting riped off by Mogs and thepurplesphere (purplesphere did refund my money), i was hoping these guys would be ok. i ordered 10 gold and got it about 5 hours later. i'll be buying more from them.
Review by mmofans
last night i bought 5000 gold from swagvault, it's fast and worked smoothly. very good experience.

Update: My account got banned after 2 days.
Review by babyasleep
I recently bought 5000 gold on swagvault and it never came to me. I wish I had checked before placing the order. I tried to contact them via email, phone call, online chat, but they just choose to ignore me. I was very upset, cause I need the gold badly and I don't have more money to try other site. I have confirmed with my friends. They did recommeded me some other good site named koala credits. So what I should do now is to get my money back. How? Can anyone here help me out?
Review by cvjohnso
Well, heres my follow-up comment on the "completion" of my powerlevel. After 39 levels (4 days), I had to get a refund of "half" the amount paid originally. Reason your asking? Well, they got my account suspended for 72 hours and a first and final warning from Blizzard for Economic Exploitation.

After learning that I had been suspended, I immediately went on their live chat and asked for an explanation and the agent's response, "really, are you sure?" After that they offered to refund me a portion of the money back, $71 dollars approximately. However, the amount to get from 1-40 (yes your seeing that correctly, even though I am only 39 they are claiming im level 40.10) would of refunded me around $80. I spelled out the math for them and the agent replied, "but your 40.10," followed by, "the lvler is only offering to refund $71." I took the $71 dollars and am decided to file a grievance with PayPal against SwagVault.

Overall for powerleveling, they are not the place to go because there is no security as far as avoiding suspension or permanent bans from Blizzard. I also believe that powerleveling should be avoided because Blizzard is cracking the whip on everyone who requests it. Solution, Recruit-A-Friend and level that way. Same results and alot cheaper.

Sorry this comment is so long
Review by CarAudioMan
They can appear to be a great store for a couple of orders.
I have purchased many times from this store however, the reason I kept buying from them for Eve Online isk was because they had an advertisment that claimed that you would never lose your isk if you bought from them. I have spent over $3000 with them and on one paticular transaction the delivered 2 billion isk to me and within 5 minutes it was reversed out of my character. They deemed this was not their problem and that I should ask the GMs for my isk back. Everyone who buys for real money is not going to get any accounts / currency or items back by asking a gm that is a stupid solution. Because the goods are intangible goods you will more than likely not get your money back and you will just be out your money. DO NOT BUY FROM SWAGVAULT THEY WILL EVENTUALLY GET YOU BANNED.

They use advertising to lore you in and unreal low prices. Be very careful with who you purchase from, if they get your account baned then its your problem. Not a single store that sells ingame items or currency is 100% safe, if they claim this then it is a lie.
Review by leopoldtramer
I cant complain about theyr delivery service... i have spent over 1000 USD on this site, i got all my orders delivered in up to 30mins, no more, maybe less... at least for EVE Online ISK, thats what i have needed, but i dont like customer service from this site, you cant have a good deal with them, after giving them to eat, and giving them so much money they will just make you run away from there, lol... i have made so many orders in this site, all delivered with no problem, untill today... i was called by an agent, and asked about my order, after order "confirmed" live chat agent told me to send photos of credit card and ID...

and... come on... after spending so much money with you, and having a good business with you.. how can you do this ?!

So... my suggestion for everyone is: if you just wont to buy 1000 gold or isk... or everything cheap, they are the best, but intend a long term business with them, dont even think about it.

My overall to this site would be a great delivery service, but the most poor customer care service that i have ever seen on any other isk selling site.

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