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As the name implies, Swtor2credits offers virtual currency for only one game: "Star Wars: The Old Republic." No matter what faction your character is or what server you play on, this website can supply you with thousands of credits for "The Old Republic." Credits are available in bundles as small as 10,000 and as large as 500,000.

Swtor2credits also offers power leveling services for your SWTOR characters. In just under a few days, this website can take your level 1 character and get them to the max level. You can also hire Swtor2credits to only advance your character a few levels, such as from level 40 to level 45. All power leveling is done by hand by a Swtor2credits worker and not by a bot.


By only focusing on one game, Swtor2credits guarantees its customers that they will pay a good price on SWTOR in-game currency, credits. The website offers regularly cheaper price than competing sites. Swtor2credits also offers a reward program that awards points every time you place an order.

You can redeem these points to earn a discount on your next order. Swtor2credits is constantly monitoring the marketplace for the credits and adjusting its prices to ensure that you're paying a good price on their site. The website also offers bonuses on a weekly basis, such as 10 percent off your order every Wednesday.


Due to their specific focus on a single game, Swtor2credits promises a delivery time of an hour for a small order. However, errors on the part of the buyer, such as incorrect order information, can delay delivery by up to 24 to 48 hours. Certain payment methods, such as a PayPal eCheck, can also delay delivery by as many as four days.

Shopping and Payment

The first thing you'll notice about Swtor2credits is that it features a very simple design. This design works in the store's favor, as it eschews fancy graphics in exchange for quick loading times on both PC and mobile devices. The website itself is easy to navigate, with clearly labelled buttons and all the relevant information presented in plain view.

While there is no quick buy option, gamers will find that it only takes a few minutes to complete an order. Swtor2credits offers five different payment options: PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Western Union and the ability to pay the site directly with a credit card. A robust security system ensures that no matter what payment method you use, your information will remain confidential and safe.

Customer Service

Unlike other virtual currency stores, Swtor2credits only offers one method of communication: a live chat system. While you can follow the website on social media such as Facebook and Twitter, all customer service inquiries must go through the live chat option. Even though they only offer one communication method, the live chat service offers an instant reply thanks to the website's 24/7 customer service team.

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Review by Clint Franks
Do not use this company, I put in an order for the amount of 63,000,000, they only delivered 40,000,000. I contacted their customer service, and after waiting 6 hours for them to get back to me, they told me just the word "unpaid". I ask the customer service person what this means, and they never replied to me. I then had to wait another 6 hours for them to get back to another contact time to find out what they meant by unpaid. The reply was "you don't pay money". I then explained that I did pay them the night before and it has been 12 hours now since the delivery of only 40,000,000. It has now been over 2 hours since this talk over their live chat. This is the second time I have had dealing with them where they took forever to do anything, but the first time now where they are trying to get more money out of me for something I already paid for. Their customer service is lousy, and the business ethics in my opinion is very much not up to satisfying quality. Avoid using them at all costs.

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